Burger Towel for 16th birthday presents

19 Awesome 16th Birthday Presents

16th birthday presents are a must have for a sweet 16th. To create memorable sixteenth birthday make sure you get them something special. Here’s a range of 16th birthday present ideas that will tap into any 16 year old’s talents or idea of fun.

Hand-Picked 16th Birthday Presents

  1. Sunnylife Giant Inflatable Banana Ride-On Pool Float

This giant inflatable makes chilling in the pool or at the beach super cool. His or her mates will be clambering all over each other to get on board, kick back and snap the idyllic selfie with these 16th birthday gifts.


  1. Flip Flop Socks

Flip flops or thongs. Depends where you come from bro. Either way, these socks make an awesome gift for the 16 year old who loves to present his casual face or in this case feet to the world.


  1. You’re so Damn Pretty – Luxury Soap

Taking another selfie. You must think you’re so damn pretty! Yeh, well you better use this soap then cos it’s perfect for your 16 year old skin. Smooth baby smooth.


  1. Donut Inflatable Drink Holders

16th birthday presents

When you’re lazing about in the pool with your bestie, you don’t want to have upset the vibe and head to the edge for a coke. Give your 16 year old these inflatable drink holders and nothing will interrupt those serious sun soaking moments.

  1. Burger Beach Blanket

Burger Towel for 16th birthday presents

When you’re 16 everything about you should be eye-catching. Well, this burger blanket fits the bill perfectly. In fact, it’s more than eye-catching, it’s mouth-watering and sure to have the guys drooling. Now you got to work out whether it’s over you or the burger. What more can you want from 16th birthday gifts?


  1. Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

16th birthday gifts for music lover

You know how much your 16 year old loves a shower. So they’ll really appreciate these speakers ‘cos they’ll never suffer from shower interuptus again. Phone calls and streamed music in the shower, both at the touch of a button.


  1. Self Stirring Mug – Black

Here’s a gift that will stir up your 16 year old. You may have actually accused them of being so lazy they wouldn’t even stir their coffee. Well here’s the thing, now they don’t have to, ‘cos this mug stirs itself.


  1. Gun Alarm Clock

16th birthday present ideas that are fun -gun alarm clock

You know trying to rouse a 16 year old is like trying to wake the dead. So be creative, give them some incentive to stir. If they want to snooze for another 5, they’ve got to grab the gun and hit the target. No prizes for guessing who becomes an expert shot!


  1. Remote Control i-Spy Tank for iPhone & iPad

Is it sweet 16 or sneaky 16? You need the right 16th birthday presents. Pretty sure with this i-Spy tank it’ll be sneaky 16. With a Wi-Fi transmitter controlled by Iphone, Ipad or Ipod, your 16 year old can keep a check on friends and family at their leisure. James Bond eat your heart out.


  1. Why You’re So Awesome – Fill in the Blanks Booklet

If you want to tell your bestie, sister, girlfriend or boyfriend just how awesome they are then this is the perfect gift. Buy the book and fill in the blanks with your own down to earth spin on why they’re your BFF.


  1. 3Doodler 3.0 Create – The World’s Best 3D Printing Pen

Doodling was once thought to be a way of idling away time with not much to show for it. But if you give the 3Doodler to a 16 year old as a birthday gift they’ll be channelling their creativity and producing masterpieces before your eyes. The future has arrived.


  1. Guinness World Records Construction Challenge

Every 16 year old loves to compete and they love a challenge. Give them the Construction Challenge as a birthday gift and they’ll be intensely occupied trying to engineer a new world record.


  1. Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits

Here’s an awesome 16th birthday gift that will release the inner artist. Give them this Caricature Kit and they’ll become a master of capturing the real you. From there it a short skip to portraits and maybe even an Archibald entry.


  1. Animal Nose Mug

Here’s an awesome 16th birthday gift that will bring about a laugh to start the day. What a cracking idea to put Miss Piggy’s, A bunny or King Kong’s nose on the bottom of a mug. It’s bottoms up and let the laughter begin.


  1. Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphones

If you’ve got a 16 year old with a curiosity for the natural world, then these VR Glasses are as David Attenborough would say, “something to behold”. It’s as simple as downloading the app, inserting a smartphone and they’ll be immersed in coral seas or the jungles of Borneo.


  1. Portable Vibration Speakers: Turn Any Surface Into A Boombox!

16 year olds only know one way to play their music – loud. Give them these portable speakers and instead of your eardrums getting blown, they’ll head for their mates, or the beach. SOUNDS like an awesome birthday present for both of you.


  1. Giant Inflatable Donut

This is so lifelike you reckon Homer Simpson was on the design team. Give this awesome Inflatable Donut as a 16th birthday gift and you’ll instantly cool up the pool. And it’ll be so popular that as usual, one donut won’t be enough.


  1. Classic Tabletop Ping Pong Set

16th birthday presents and gifts for ping pong lovers

On those wet, dreary days when your 16 year old and his mates have energy to burn, tell them to pull out the Ping Pong Set you gave him for his birthday. Just add any old table and in no time you’ll have an Olympic standard competition on your hands.


Did You Find Any 16th Birthday Present Ideas?

Select one of the great birthday gifts above and you’ll have a very happy and grateful 16 year old on your hands. Now, that’s not something you come across everyday.

Better still, you know you’re buying gifts sold from an Australian retailer. So whether, you’re from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or another Aussie city, your 16th birthday presents will arrive in no time.