19 Awesome Gifts For Teenagers

19 Awesome Gifts For Teenagers

Gifts for teenagers can be hard to pick. Why? The teenage years are wild and their interests are constantly changing.

Limbs are lengthening, hormones are raging and personalities are forming. With so much going on it can be hard to find the perfect gift. You never know if their current interest is a quick infatuation or a growing passion, and that makes buying gifts hard.

Gifts for teenagers, while difficult to choose, can be surprising how much they appreciate them. You don’t have to match a gift perfectly to their interest. If you get them something awesome – it will become an interest for them! That’s the awesome thing about teenagers – they’re open to new ideas.

For example, while they may not think to ask for Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses, they sure appreciate them when they receive them. While they may expect Twitter to be the only place to find funny tweets, they’ll be blown away with the Best Tweets Ever Book – Twitter The Comic. While they love listening to music, it may take the Mini Electronic DJ Music Mixing Deck for them to realise that they could be making it.

But no matter how awesome your gift, there’s no guarantees they’ll love it. It’s not a sure thing like buying brand new moccasins for an 80 year old. And since that’s the case, you better buy a few gifts. That way they’ll be sure to love at least one of the gifts for teenagers.

These are 19 awesome gifts for teenagers that are fun, engaging and make buying gifts much easier. So remember, don’t worry if you’re not sure if it perfectly matches their interests. Teenagers interests are constantly changing and they’re finding new interests all the time. So your gift for teenagers could be the one that sparks a lifelong passion.

Amazing Gifts For Teenagers

1. Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses

Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses - Gifts For Teenagers

We have a deep connection with nature and the great outdoors, it’s fascinating from the day you’re born until the day you die. This gift allows teens to connect with the outdoors—even when they’re stuck inside.


2. Emoji Playing Cards

Emoji Playing Cards - Gifts For Teenagers

These Emoji Playing cards are more realistic for modern day tee

nagers. Emojis have become a second language for teenagers, they are much more familiar with emojis than kings, queens and jokers.


3. Celebrity Coasters – Put Your Picture On A Coaster

Celebrity Coasters - Put Your Picture On A Coaster - Gifts For Teenagers

Every teen daydreams about being a famous celebrity being pictured in magazines and adored by fans. Now they can be as they receive their very own celeb magazine style coasters. When friends come over, they’ll be asking about the time they were in Rolling Stone magazine.


4. Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Slippers - Gifts For Teenagers

Narwhals are said to be mythical… much like the unicorn or self-assured teenager. While the narwhal may only exist in slippers, teens can be assured that their feet will be warm and snuggly.


5. I Love You Chocolate Bar

I Love You Chocolate Bar - Gifts For Teenagers

Teens can doubt themselves at times, and there always seems to be something to argue with their parents about. This I Love You Chocolate Bar will always remind them they’re valued… plus the chocolate will always cheer them up when they’re sad.


6. Tie Dye Craft Kit

Tie Dye Craft Kit - Gifts For Teenagers

This gift lets teens get creative as they make their own shirts, scarves or headband. If they’re looking to stand out or have a 60s party to dress up for they will love this Tie Dye Craft Kit.


7. YOLO Juliet – Romeo And Juliet Through Texts

YOLO Juliet - Romeo And Juliet Through Texts - Gifts For Teenagers

If Romeo and Juliet were modern day teens, this is how their love story would be written. And since it’s all written in modern day text language, they’ll finally clearly understand what Shakespeare was writing about.


8. Perception Puzzles

Perception Puzzles - Gifts For Teenagers

These puzzles appear deceptively simple—much like teenagers. In truth, they are much more difficult than they appear at first glance and this gift is sure to keep teens engaged for hours.


9. Chocolate Boyfriend Bar

Chocolate Boyfriend Bar - Gifts For Teenagers

Teenage girls often daydream about their ‘boyfriends’ Justin Bieber or Zac Efron. While they can only dream about their Hollywood heartthrobs, they can always enjoy a Chocolate Boyfriend Bar.


10. Kool Dude Emoji Face Slippers

Kool Dude Emoji Face Slippers - Gifts For Teenagers

These slippers are sure to brighten any sullen teenagers face—even as they struggle out of bed in the morning. These smiling slippers will put a smile on the face of everyone who sees them, brightening up the whole house.


11. Best Tweets Ever Book – Twitter The Comic

Best Tweets Ever Book - Twitter The Comic - Gifts For Teenagers

This book is the very best of Twitter. The best of online has been taken offline so it can be captured forever. Teens are often tweeting, these greatest tweets will give them some new ideas for witty and popular comments.


12. Why You’re So Awesome – Fill in the Blanks Booklet

You're So Awesome - Fill in the Blanks Booklet - Gifts For Teenagers

Teens sometimes need a confidence boost. Hormonal fluxes can leave them feeling down for no good reason… this book will always be there waiting whenever they could benefit from a pick-me-up. You simply list the reasons they are so awesome when prompted, and the book will show them how awesome they are.


13. Game of Thrones Jon Snow Pop! Vinyl Figure

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Pop! Vinyl Figure - Gifts For Teenagers

Jon Snow has become one of teens favourite Game of Thrones characters… how could you not love the good guy that has risen from the dead? Every teen that gets this Vinyl Figure will feel much safer with the protector Jon Snow by their side.


14. Photo Booth Party Props | Doiy

Photo Booth Party Props | Doiy - Gifts For Teenagers

This gift is perfect for any teen celebrating a birthday. These props will make for some unforgettable birthday photos that will be treasured for years to come.


15. Tabletop Entertainment Card Games

Tabletop Entertainment Card Games - Gifts For Teenagers

These card games are a great way for teens to bond with friends or family, whether it’s Fantastic After Dinner Entertainment or Unbelievable Crazy Urban Myths. There a total of 50 different games, puzzles and trivia so the entertainment will last ages.


16. Giant Inflatable Donut

Giant Inflatable Donut - Gifts For Teenagers

Teens can take a timeout with this Giant Inflatable Donut. They can use it in the pool or at the beach to lounge on and let their stress disappear.


17. Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits

Comic & Caricature Drawing Kits - Gifts For Teenagers

Instead of browsing the internet, playing video games or constantly texting, this kit will teach a teen the valuable skill of drawing. Within no time they’ll be doing caricatures of the whole family.


18. Mini Electronic DJ Music Mixing Deck

Mini Electronic DJ Music Mixing Deck - Gifts For Teenagers

If you’ve got a developing DJ on your hands they will love this gift. It allows them to mix different songs and seamlessly switch between tracks.


19. Little Boxes Of Random Fun

Little Boxes Of Random Fun - Gifts For Teenagers

If there’re two things that teens like, it’s randomness and fun—this little box provides both. Teens will be telling jokes, learning facts and finding new ways to annoy people.


These fun gifts for teenagers are sure to get them having fun, developing passions and making some epic teenage memories. As turbulent as teen years can be, they are some of the best times of your life—these gifts will make them just a bit better.