19 Awesome Xmas Gifts For Mum

19 Awesome Xmas Gifts For Mum

Xmas Gifts for Mum are important because is the backbone of the family, always sacrificing herself for her family. For you. So come Christmas time it’s only right that she gets the recognition and reward she deserves. Buy her a gift from the range below and you’ll be saying what she knows but doesn’t always get to hear, “thanks for everything you do for us”.

Awesome Christmas Presents For Mum

1. Cross Stitch Map: Stitch Your Travels Around The World!

Cross Stitch Map: Stitch Your Travels Around The World! - Christmas Presents For Mum

Here’s an awesome Xmas gift for the Mum who loves to cross stitch now, but once strapped on her backpack and travelled the world. All those intrepid adventures that she loves to recall can be brought to life on her My Travels cross stitch.


2. Ladybird Book of How It Works: The Mum

Ladybird Book of How It Works: The Mum - Christmas Presents For Mum

This book make wonderful Xmas gifts for Mum. With this book, she can delegate rather than have to do it all herself. Cooking, cleaning, caring and coping, the instructions are all here. Cleverly written and illustrated they’ll be no excuses for household sloths.


3. Muffin In A Mug

Muffin In A Mug - Christmas Presents For Mum

With this mug, Mum can make a delicious muffin in the blink of an eye. All she has to do is follow the instructions, mix the ingredients in the mug and microwave. A muffin delight awaits.


4. Stainless Steel Wine Pearls

Mum will truly appreciate this thoughtful Xmas gift. After a long, hot day it’s only right that Mum gets to put her feet up with a crisp, chilled Chardy. She pours in the wine, pops in the pearls from the freezer, slip off her heels, sighs, sits back and enjoys.


5. Singing Pasta Timer Man

Xmas gifts for Mum can ensure no more hassles cooking perfect pasta. Singing, swooning pasta man hums three classic tunes at scheduled times as the pasta softens. Mamma Mia what an invention!


6. Cocoa Chocolate Fondue Set

Every Mum deserves a little indulgence. Give Mum this fondue set and on those cold, wintery nights she can snuggle by the fire and treat herself to the delicious delight of melted chocolate.


7. Why You Make Me Smile – Fill In The Blanks Book

This Christmas gift for your Mum is bound to make her heart sing. Fill the book with all the ways that Mum makes you smile, chuckle and laugh and she’ll have a treasured memory of how she lights up your life.


8. Woouf Oven Mitts – Pineapple, Popcorn, Burger & French Fries

Choose from four styles of oven mitts and ensure that Mum never torches those precious hands she uses to stroke your hair or pat you on the back. In fact, they’re such a top gift you’ll be rewarded with a pat on the back immediately.


9. Thank You Chocolate Bar

It’s impossible to thank Mum enough for all the sacrifices she’s made and the effort she’s put into making you the person you are today. But if anything goes close, it’s chocolate.


10. Game Of Scones Cook Book

Give your Queen of the kitchen this delightful recipe book for Xmas and the rewards will be shared with all her subjects. Taste a Tyrion shortbread, savour a Cersi cookie or a Jammy Lannister.


11. Jonathan Adler – Menagerie Dachshund

If Mum loves dogs, particularly dachshunds, then she’ll enjoy having this classic canine brighten her home. Give her this gift for Xmas and there’s no way you’ll end up in the doghouse.


12. Wine In Disguise Mug

You know that sometimes you leave Mum so exasperated that she may need a tipple just a little before wine time. Give her this cheeky mug as a Xmas gift and your sense of humour may just be the recipe for a little forgiveness. Xmas gifts for Mum can’t get any more practical than this.


13. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

Mum’s worked so hard that when it’s time for a break she should be allowed to savour the taste of a perfectly steeped cuppa. Because Nessie’s been around since the beginning of time, she’ll be in no hurry and will deliver a brew for the ages.


14. Pride & Prejudice Mug

If your Mum loves a good read and craves the classics, she’ll love being able to snuggle up with her latest tome and sip a freshly brewed coffee from her novel mug.


15. The Little Coffee Know It All Book

This makes the perfect Xmas gift for the Mum who’s a budding barista or a coffee connoisseur. All the secrets to a brilliant blend are held within and an arousing aroma awaits.


16. Make Your Own Coconut Yoghurt

If Mum loves yoghurt for brekkie or desert then she’ll love being able to dip into a blend she’s made herself. Coconut or chocolate, the choice is hers and so is the yoghurt, so hands off!


17. Guess What? I Love You – Heat Changing Mug

All Mum’s will love this mug. This Xmas give her a mug that says, “Guess What?”. While she looks at you quizzically, take the mug and get her a cuppa. Watch her eyes sparkle as it now declares, “I Love You”. Xmas gifts for Mums that make her heart melt are the best.


18. Peacock Teapot

Your Mum’s as pretty as a peacock so give her this peacock teapot—it’s one of our many fun Xmas gifts for Mum. The beautifully painted porcelain piece will brighten up her kitchen and her day.


19. Kangaroo Salt & Pepper Shakers

Kissing Kanga shakers make a great Xmas present for Mum. Give her these marsupial mates and they’re bound to make her heart skippy a beat.


If you select a gift from the choices above you can be happy with your christmas shopping, they’re memorable Xmas gifts for Mum. And if there’s one person who deserves spoiling, it’s your Mum.