the unt mug is the ultimate gift for best friends

The Ultimate Best Friends Gifts: Not For Colleagues Or New Friends

Best friend gifts are more than a momento. They’re a statement. A statement you can only make to your best friend. They’re naughty. They’re fun. They’re gifts for best friends.

Whether it’s your blood brother or soul sister, thanking your best friends is important, whether with something silly or sincere. These 29 awesome gifts for best friends will let your best buddy know they aren’t a friend, they’re your best friend. And that makes all the difference.

The Ultimate Best Friend Gifts If You’re Feeling Brave

1. The Mug That You Can Only Give To Your Aussie Best Mates

the unt mug is the ultimate gift for best friends

An awesome R-rated gift if you C what I mean. The UNT mug is an adults only gift for the best friend who knows that being referred to in this way is, in its own warped way, a term of affection.

2. Finally, A Wine Glass Big Enough For A Catch Up with Your Best Friend

best friend gifts you can share

You’re sitting back relaxing with your bestie and a glass of wine on a Friday night. Usually your glass of wine is empty long before your stories and gossip run out. This problem is solved with this 30cm tall wine glass.

3. Soap You Should Wash Your Mouth Out With

gifts for best friends

Australia may be the only country in the world where you call your enemies mate, and your mates motherf*cker. We’re an odd bunch, but we sure do love each other. This ‘Here’s Your Gift Motherf*cker’ – Lavender & Vanilla Soap is an Aussie’s way of showing your mateship.

4. A Mug You Can Only Gift To Your Best Friend

No doubt there’s been plenty of times when you and your best friend have got up to no good. Laugh about these moments together by giving them a coffee mug with their mugshot on it. You both know it could have ended differently!

5. Sanitizer Because Your Bestie Texts You From The Toilet

You do it, so you know your best friend does it. When is it easier to check Facebook, Snapchat, and texts, than during a ‘private seating’? Texting On The Toilet – Hand Sanitizer is a hygienic and practical gift for your best friend.

6. The Journal That Will Make Your Best Friend Cry – A Personalised Gift For Best Friends

This thoughtful gift for your best friend will enable them to record all your shared experiences. Imagine, years from now, being able to reflect on these moments, as the diary reminds them of fun moments.

7. Finally, A Drunk Proof Wine Glass

The bond between best friends cannot be toppled—neither can this glass. You can relax and share memories and a wine without the worry of a spill interrupting your wine enhanced stories.

8. WTF! Is This Best Friends Gift???

I’m sure you’ve heard your best friend say, “I’m so angry I could swear”. No need for them to risk getting their mouth washed out with soap. Instead, they can slam the button and one of ten funny ways to say WTF will fill the room.

9. Your Best Friend Better Share This Gift With You

Your best friend is sweet and so is the Love You Chocolate Bar. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves being reminded they’re loved!

10. The Gift For When Your Best Friend Is Single…

Your best friend has probably told you about the girl of his dreams. You can help him find her. Tell him to just add water to the Grow Your Own Girlfriend kit and wait. And voila! No more lonely mate!!

11. Gift Your Bestie The One Thing They Really Want

Your best mate has told you that it’s impossible to find Mr Right. Tell her you’ll find her someone to rival The Bachelor. She’ll be splitting her sides laughing when you give her Grow Your Own Boyfriend.

12. A Cookbook For Your Late Night Meals

best friends gifts

Many recipes suggest you add a red wine to the chicken or the beef, not to the chef’s glass. But who can resist a good red? If your best friend’s a Masterchef sober, imagine what they can do well lubricated.

13. A Mug You Can Gift Your Best Friend But Not Your Boss

This is one time you can buy your best friend a crappy gift and they’ll appreciate it. The Smiley Poo Mug will remind your bestie as they sip their coffee, that no matter how tough things are or how bad things get, you’ll always be there to crack jokes at their expense.

14. Which Water Bottle Matches Your Best Friend?

No one knows your bestie as well as you—you can nail their personality perfectly with a Mr Men or Little Miss Steel Water Bottle. A great gift for your best friend for the home, car, bike or backpack.

15. Candles That Burn Forever Like Your Friendship

LED flameless birthday candles

Give your best friend a beautiful, scented, flameless wax candle. Imagine the calm, relaxed atmosphere the candles will create as you unwind together.

16. Portable Speakers So You Can Dance Together In Your Living Room

You can hook up these speakers to your smartphone and stream music from your phone wirelessly. Whether you’re on a road trip or cooking in the kitchen you can have spontaneous dance parties wherever you are.

17. The Guidebook To Life – Does Your Best Friend Need This Gift?

A witty gift for the best friend who doesn’t like to be stuck for a word or two. Arm them with this book full of funny and sharp quotes. You’ll have your own agony aunt to turn to for wisdom.

18. Would Your Best Friend Look Better With A Beard?

Protection from the cold and a cool hipster beard are all included in this knitted beard beanie. Very little of your friend’s ugly mug will be left exposed to the elements.

19. Are You Or Your Best Friend Smarter?

Everybody thinks they would do well on TV quiz shows. Purchase these trivia games and hours of fun, entertainment and friendly competition awaits. Best of all, family and friends of all ages can join in.

20. You Have To SEE This Best Friend Gift For Yourself

Googly Eyes - Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

Tell your best friend you only have eyes for them and watch them laugh as they open their Googly Stick On Eyes. The eyes can be stuck on the fridge, a cupboard or a wall. Eye spy will take on a whole new meaning.

21. Your Silly Friend Belongs In These Socks

Why not buy your best friend socks that make them look like they’re wearing a pair of cool All American trainers? Perhaps they could wear them with their real trainers.

22. Want To Gift Your Best Friend A Beard?

You often tell your friend to put on their best face. The coaster mats, which can be hung off your nose will allow your friend to see what they look like with a moustache or a beard or a twisted smile. It may not be a facial improvement, but there’s sure to be plenty of laughs.

23. A Gift For Moody Friends

You can read your best friend like a book but not everybody knows them as well as you. A desk flipchart which allows them to show the world exactly what mood they’re in may save them from that annoying question, silly prank or it can simply show they need a hug.

24. The Purrrrrfect Gift For Cat Lovers

Let the world know that your best friend is a cat person by giving them this beautiful Cat Scarf. With a host of cute cats wrapped around their neck, they will smile like the cat who got the cream!

25. Do You Have An Imaginary Best Friend? Gift Them These Virtual Reality Glasses

This virtual reality experience is truly eye opening. You will feel like you’re really swimming in the North Atlantic as you watch documentaries from the Discovery channel. Buy this for your best friend and you’ll be in their good books for years to come.

26. Design The Decor Of Your Best Friends Home… – A DIY Gift For Best Friends

Remind your best friend of the strength of your friendship with Golden Leaf Tree Giant Wall Stickers. Every time your best friends looks at the tree adorning their wall they’ll be reminded of how close you’ve grown.

27. Wanna Get Drunk With Your Bestie But Still Be Classy? You Need This

No longer will your best friend have to deal with annoying tiny ice-cubes when you’re enjoying a margarita or whiskey together. This 6cm wide ice ball will keep their drink chilled for much longer, so you can keep enjoying those cold beverages together!

28. A Man Cave Needs These Rules

A man’s home is his castle. A place where he’s king of the heap. This awesome gift for your best friend allows him to lay down the laws, post them on a prominent wall and hope someone takes some notice of them.

29. F#CK. The Game For Best Friends

Games like Monopoly and Scrabble are perfect for families… but some games can only be played with besties. F#CK. The Game is definitely a gift for best friends only.

Goodluck Gifting Your Best Friend Gifts

When you see something exciting you immediately want to share it with your best friend—there’s a reason they get the #1 position on your speed dial. While you may be wanting to call them to tell them about these fun gifts now, consider how much more rewarding it will be if you wait and give one of these gifts for best friends in person!