GIFTS FOR NEW MUMS: What They Really Want

GIFTS FOR NEW MUMS: What They Really Want

Gifts for new mums are important when being a new Mum can be thrilling and daunting all at the same time—gifts for new Mums are an amazing surprise. You’ve got this bundle of wonder that is totally reliant on you. It’s overwhelming and exhausting. It’s important that loved ones remember to thank Mums for their hard work with awesome gifts for new Mums.

In all the excitement surrounding a new baby, the new Mum (and gifts for new Mums) can be overlooked. Remind her that her awesome achievement hasn’t been forgotten by getting her something thoughtful, special and just for her.

Here’s The Gifts For New Mums Ideas She Really Wants

1. Microwavable Slippers

comfy gifts for new mums

Every Mum knows how chilly it can be feeding in the middle of the night or early morning. It’s a tiring and seemingly never-ending task. But at least her feet can be warm and toasty with Heat Feat Microwavable Slippers.


2. Where The Wild Mums Are Book

A hilarious parody of the 60s kid’s classic, this book will transport Mum to where she wishes she could be. A land where staying in your PJ’s all day wasn’t frumpy, conga dancing was exercise and her wine glass was never empty. It ain’t gonna happen but who says you can’t dream.


3. Flamingo Tea Filter – Gifts For New Mums That LOVE Tea

The Flamingo is renowned for its amazing balance. And so are SuperMums, able to juggle a million things at once. Every human dynamo needs to take a break—a slowly brewed tea will help SuperMum slow down a little.


4. Kool Dude Emoji Face Slippers

A new Mum can be cool and laidback. Kool Dude Emoji slippers will bring a smile to Mum’s face and help her chill out. Remember, an easygoing Mum rears an easygoing baby.


5. Bedside Pocket

Mum’s will tell you having a baby does strange things to their memory. Help her out with this nifty bedside storage pocket. Books, remotes, glasses, phone and iPad won’t disappear into that mysterious black hole anymore.


6. Emergency Chocolate Bar – Gifts For New Mums Should Always Include Chocolate

If ever there was a gift for new Mums, it’s the emergency chocolate bar. When she’s on her last legs after caring for the kids all day, the sugar kick will get her through the rest of the day.


7. The Baby Owner’s Manual

gifts for new mums that help them

Finally, a manual for babies. It’s the present every new Mum needs. While lots of mothering is instinctual like when to give a kiss or hug, this manual will be waiting for those little questions that creep up in a new Mum’s mind. And she’ll be glad to realise she’s not the only one with those worries. Gifts for new ums can be practical too.


8. Matilda Coffee Mug – Because Gifts For New Mums NEED Coffee

Matilda by Roald Dahl is an excellent story to read to young kids. Now every time Mum has a coffee her little ones will be reminded of their favourite character.


9. Magic Vibrating Head Massage- Gifts For New Mums Should Help Her Relax

With every stroke of this massager, a new Mum’s stress will dissipate. When she finds herself with 5 minutes to spare, she can give herself a time-out and relax with a head massage.


10. Chocolate & Chill Chocolate Bar

Mummys and Daddys don’t get much quality alone time together, so when they do it’s important they make the most of it. This Chocolate Bar will provide an extra slice of pleasure for them both. What better gifts for new Mums than chocolate are there?


11. Juice It Cold Press Juicer

Mums are busy all day managing kids, the house and work. This is hard in the best of circumstances, but somehow Mums do it even when their little one’s nightmares have interrupted her sleep. This Juicer will allow Mum and her little ones to be full of nutritious goodness so they can all survive and thrive throughout the day.


12. Wine Cooler Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

Sippy cups aren’t only for the new bub, Mum can have one too with gifts for new Mums. While Mum wouldn’t usually need one, when she’s juggling her kid, keys and a drink, the drink can quickly end up on the floor.


13. Cake In A Mug – Chocolate Cake in 3 Minutes

Mums are so busy that they have to get done what others take 30 minutes to do in 3 minutes. That makes this gift perfect for Mums, she can get a delicious cake ready in the few spare minutes she has between a phone call and picking up the kids.


14. “Mum You’re Bloody Awesome” Giant Coffee Mug- Gifts For New Mums Should Reflect How AWESOME She Is

gifts for new mums mug

Bloody awesome Mums deserve a bloody awesome mug to drink their coffee from. Every morning coffee Mum drinks from this mug will give her an extra little boost as she is reminded of how much she is appreciated with the right gifts for new Mums.


15. Wine’O Insulated Bottle Bag

Keeping your wine cool has never looked so classy with this Insulated Bottle Bag. New Mums often need a relaxing glass of wine to unwind when they gather with friends, this bag brings some extra fun to the occasion. Gifts for new Mums are loved when they give permission to relax.


16. Red Stainless Steel Wine Cup – Let Her Know She Deserves To Relax With Her Gifts For New Mums

Stainless steel is an amazing material for wine because it keeps it at a constant temperature for longer—plus it won’t smash when it’s knocked on the ground. The durable design that’s dishwasher safe makes it the ideal wine glass for Mums on the go.


17. What I Love About Mum by Me | Fill in the Blanks Journal

Kids love their Mums and gifts for new Mums should show that. They love her hugs, her cooking and her taxi service. While kids are great at giving Mum a big hug to thank-you hug, they find it harder to put that feeling into words. This book helps them write down all the things they love about Mum, making it a present Mums will treasure forever.


18. Giant Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag | Woouf

Usually when a new Mum sees an ice-cream on the floor it’s a cause for alarm… not this time. This Giant Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag is a sign to sit down and relax! At the end of a long day, new Mums can kick back with some music.


19. Breathtaking Mini Vacuum Wine Bottle Stoppers Twin Pack

New Mums need all the relaxation they can squeeze into their busy schedules. These stoppers allow Mums to have a single glass of wine without spoiling the whole bottle, making it ideal for a relaxing glass at the end of the day.


20. It’s Wine O’ Clock Apron | Annabel Trends

When new Mums get a minute of downtime, they need to make the most of it. This apron reminds new Mums that when they finally get those few brief moments of free time, they can take advantage of it with a cheeky glass of Shiraz.


Enjoy Your Gifts For New Mums And Babies In Australia

These gifts for new Mums are sure to help them relax and keep their hectic lives under control. When they have a million things on their mind, these gifts will help bring them some peace of mind.

All these gifts for new Mums are available in Australia. Whether Mum is in Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else – these gifts can quickly be delivered to any Aussie Mum.