7 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Like You More

7 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Like You More

You love your boyfriend and he loves you back, but you want him to like you even more as time goes by. You want to get to a stage that he likes and love you even more than before.

We have some suggestions which will perhaps help you out .

  1. Give him sweet kisses. Kisses turn dull moments to wonderful ones. They give spice to the relationship and keep the relationship intimate.
  1. Give him long hugs. Hugs are a good way to show your affection, care and love. It releases all those unsaid words of love.
  1. Write him love letters, short notes or poems. Love notes give the relationship a romantic touch. Give colour toyour love life with a bit of these.
  1. Spend time with him. No matter what you do, there’s no better bonding time than spending time together. It helps in understanding and learning more about each other.
  1. Be there in person when he needs you. Be there for him in times of distress. These are moments when he needs you most.
  1. Surprise him every now and then. Surprise him with a gift or dinner every now and then. Cook for him, treat him to his favorite movie or take him somewhere he likes. It would surely make his day.
  1. Give him some time for himself. Don’t be too clingy, give him time for himself. He definitely needs it just like you do.

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