Awesome DIY Father's Day Cards!

Awesome DIY Father's Day Cards!


I have visceral memories of the first Father’s Day card I ever made; I put some much effort into it! Mum helped me buy everything from the craft store – cardboard, pens, googly eyes and wool – it was to be a 3D card of my father’s face. The design was quite simple; I drew the face, stuck on the eyes and made a big bushy moustache out of brown wool. I was so proud at the end of it (despite having revisited this piece ofcontemporary art-work and realising it didn’t then, nor does it now, look anything like my father).

Yet he stuck it on his office wall, and that’s where it remains to this day, 20 years later. The moral of this story is that as much as a unique gift for Dad this Father’s Day matters a lot, so does an awesome, thoughtful Father’s Day card.

Mastering the Father’s Day card is not particularly difficult. There are certain things Dads (generally speaking) just can’t get enough of. If you include any/a combination of these things you should be on to a winner:

Father’s Day Card Essentials


1) Lame Jokes: If you’re card includes a lame joke you’re already ahead of the curve. Puns in particular are popular with these Dad creatures. There are plenty of lame Dad joke cards already out there, but if you can invent your own, Dad will be proud.

2) DIY: Even the mere utterance of the phrase ‘do-it-yourself’ sends dads in to a total spin, it runs in their veins. When you become an adult, the novelty of the DIY card wears off on mums; they believe (quite accurately) that your DIY cards are just an attempt to save yourself $7 bucks. Not dads. No, they continue to embrace the DIY for the ingenuity and workmanship.

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Totooly Tradie!

3) Photos of you looking cute. Anything to do with their footy team. Fishing. Cars. A photo of you looking cute whist fishing/in a car. A photo of you wearing a footy jersey, fishing from the roof of a car (looking cute and not in a dangerous way)

4) It must say, ‘I LOVE YOU DAD’. At least once, somewhere on the card. Not ‘Dad, you’re a top bloke’ or ‘cheers for having me’ or ‘have a ripper Daddy-O’.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!