Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

It’s your husband’s birthday…well, happy birthday to him! Okay, you’re thinking of what to give him on his day but you want to keep it simple but interesting, cheap but amusing and, of course, memorable but equally exciting. Yellow Octopus has come up with several ideas for you to choose from.

Here are some, which he might find really funny and interesting.

Mr Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer $9.95


Okay, you want hubby to be really neat. Why not give him this nose and ear hair trimmer to do the job? He’s so cute that he’ll likely be your hubby’s best friend.

Gentlemen’s Hardware – Manicure Set $34.95


Clean hands are good to see! This manicure set will keep your husband’s fingers neat and clean all the time. It’s handy and can be carried with him anywhere he goes.

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener | by Suck UK $34.90


He keeps forgetting where he put the bottle opener. Make it easy for him. This fridge bottle opener will always be kept in sight, easy to use and will be easy to find.

Skull Stein Beer Glass Kikkerland $16.95


Let him have his beer in this tough looking beer glass. It can hold up to 450ml of beer or any drink of his choice. It’s perfect for beer nights during the weekends.

Back Scratcher Rake $7.95


This back scratcher can scratch hard to reach parts of the back. It has an extendable handle and can be carried easily in a bag.

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