Gifts For A Colleague You Don't Know Well

Gifts For A Colleague You Don't Know Well

Getting a gift for someone you do not know well is a really daunting task. However, there are some things that almost all people need, which is why the task of choosing the right gift is a little bit easier.

If you are still undecided or still clueless at this time, try some of these suggestions.

Office Reminder Pegs – 15 Pack ($9.95)


One way or another he or she probably engages in office work. These pegs will help him sort his files.

Paper Airplane Notepad ($10.95)


Either for school, the office or the home, note pads are useful in any way.

Moustache Paper Clips ($10.95)


These should come handy at the office or home. They’re cute items for filing papers and notes.

Drumstick Pencil by SUCK UK ($8.95)


There is always a need for pens or pencils for writing tasks. Share these pencils which are good for taking notes or doodling around.

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