Gifts For A Friend Who Likes Music

Gifts For A Friend Who Likes Music

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Either she/he has a fascination for music or making music itself, your friend deserves a cool gift. Let her/him indulge in her/his creativity in creating beautiful sounds with any of these gifts. I’m sure she/he’ll appreciate the thought.

All-Star Guitar for iPhone & iPad $119.95


This gadget transforms an Ipad or Iphone into an amazing guitar experience. Simply put your Ipad or Iphone into the holder and you’re ready to crack up the volume with the All-Star guitar application. Playing with is easy because it comes along with instructions on how to use it.

Ridley’s Harmonica $14.90


It’s a classic instrument where you can play your favorite tunes or create new ones. It’s very handy and you can take it anywhere you go because it can fit into your pockets or bag easily.

Electronic Drumsticks $22.95


You don’t need real drums for you to create drumbeats. This gadget can help you create beats with just taps.

Zip Earphones $19.90


Listen to favorite tunes on any mobile device with these earphones. When not in use, zip the cable up and tuck them away in your purse or bag.

Native Union Switch – Portable Bluetooth Speaker $169.95


Play music without wires. This compact and lightweight portable speaker will do the job. It’ll be good for your room or the office. Connect it wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and other Bluetooth devices and start listening to the music of your choice.

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