Gifts For My Brother-in-law

Gifts For My Brother-in-law

You want to give your brother-in-law a gift for his birthday or just to say thanks for his kindness. However, you have a limited budget and cannot afford something so expensive. You just want to keep it cheap but equally funny and interesting.

We have a few ideas which you might want to look into.

Crystal Skull Glass Decanter 350ml $28.95


This is something unusual that it seems like it came out from a long time hidden treasure chest. It’s perfect for any liquor of his choice. Have his daily dose of alcohol poured from this odd looking skull!

Pump It Up – Champagne Bottle Stopper $8.95


Let his champagne be always fresh. This bottle stopper will do the job. It’ll keep his champagne always perfect.

Guitar Pick Cutter | Make your own guitar picks $29.95


He likes playing the guitar, but keeps forgetting where he put his guitar pick. Help him out a bit. This is an instant guitar pick cutter which will give him a steady supply of picks.

Moustache Club Hip Flask $24.00


It’s stainless and is brushed chrome finished; perfect for parties and festivals. It has 175ml capacity for any drink of his choice.

“My Mug Is Considerably Bigger Than Yours” Giant Mug $21.95

yellow-octopus-my-mug-is-bigger-than-yours-1 (1)

So, he likes tea or coffee over alcohol. Then this will surely satisfy his taste buds. It can hold up to 1.5 pints of liquid coffee or tea. He’ll definitely thirst no more.

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