Gifts for University Students

Gifts for University Students

O Week is in full swing! You probably know someone who is starting out for the first time, and some may refer to these first-years as JAFFYs, Freshers, Freshmen…or Newbs. So if you know a JAFFY who is totally clueless, excited and expeditious, you may be looking for a gift to ease them into the harsh reality of University.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, not if they have some cool gadgets to get them through the next 3-5 years of group assignment.

Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt | $24.95


Friends come and go during Uni, however the most loyal of friends, Caffeine, never lets you down.

Spooled Headphone Cord Organiser | $9.95


If public transport is the force driving them to and from Uni, their music will be the force keeping them sane.
Chemistry Plastic Shot Glass Set | $17.95

These are the years to learn (the hard way) responsible alcohol consumption.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug | $22.95


This mug is not only for the Arts Student, its for any cool-kid who needs a shot of caffeine in the morning.
Runaway Alarm Clock | $24.95


Before caffeine, there is the wake-up, and this brings a lot of struggle. Chase your clock until it gets you out of bed.
Star Wars Yoda Computer Sitter Bobblehead | $16.95


Teach how to become a jedi, this yoda computer sitter will. The jedi master, he is, of them all the greatest. Work away, and of his ways learn. Hmmmmmm.
Wet Your Whistle Hip Flask | $38.95

For when Uni students are on the go, and alcohol is too expensive for them to buy out.
These cookie cutters are great for when procrastibaking hits. (Pro-cras-ti-baking: Spending hours in the kitchen, baking delicious goods, to avoid the act of study.)

Trust us, there is something here to please any type of student. So stop thinking so hard, that’s their job!