Our Top 5 From Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets

After watching Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets it was only right that we picked our top 5. Although you would have to question some of the items on his list to whether they actually qualify as a “gadget” we thought we would pick the best out of the bunch.

So here’s our Top 5 from Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets:

1. Game boy

The Game Boy would have been one of my most favourite gadgets as a child and definitely something my parents would’ve have liked as it kept me quiet.

2. Polaroid

Shake it like a polaroid picture! Simply amazing, with one press of a button and voila you have a picture. They still make these now which I think is awesome as we have become so accustomed to posting on Facebook or Instagram.

3. Pager

The joys of seeing messages from my Mother to come home for dinner or the ex girlfriend saying “we need to talk”, this gadget is something that will stay close to my heart. This device unfortunately didn’t last long and has now become obsolete.

4. Sony Aibo

It’s a shame Sony stopped making these adorable little robotic pets. I’m pretty sure they could do everything a dog could do apart from the obvious poop which I think is a good thing.

5. Cassette Boombox

I remember the days of break dancing on vinyl matts in the streets with one of these bad boys, well trying to that is! The early days of sitting there waiting eagerly for a radio station to come on and press the record button was unforgettable. The cassette tape deck originated in the 1950s and boomboxes were introduced during the 1970s giving listeners the option of stereo sound.