Top 10 Gifts For 21 Year Olds

Top 10 Gifts For 21 Year Olds

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Are you looking for a gift for a 21 year old? Are you struggling to find the perfect gift? No worries, we just might have something for you here.

10. Hopside Down Beer Glass By Fred $22.95


This glass can be used for any drink, beer or any juice of your choice.

9. The Giant Hangover Mug $14.95


Have warm tea, coffee or cocoa on this giant mug.

8. Ridley’s Magic Kit – 5 Tricks $23.95


Let your 21 year old play tricks on his friends. This magic trick set will definitely make
them laugh.

7. Farting Bottle Opener $5.95

Open beer bottles with a farting sound.

6.Legless Corkscrew Suck UK $21.90


It’s a handy tool to open wine, beer and soft drinks bottles.

5.Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion $7.50


Play pranks on friends by putting this cushion on their seat and it’ll give out that farting sound.

4. Fetch My Keys Dog Whistle Key Finder $12.95


Whistle and it’ll let you know where the keys are.

3. Mr. P Shy Lamp $99.95


A funny lamp which will light up the room on a dark night.

2. The iKon RC Buggy: iOS Controlled Car $65.00


Is your 21 year old a fan of cars? This is a cool remote controlled car which will feed his imagination.

1. iPhone Controlled Helicopter with Video Camera and Gyro $89.95


This helicopter doesn’t just fly but has a video camera which can take videos as it flies.

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