Top 10 Toys for Kids

Top 10 Toys for Kids

Kids love to play. It’s what they love to do and it’s what makes them happy. So, we put together the top 10 toys which kids would love to play with, either indoors or outdoors.

10. Retro Snakes and Ladders By Lots O’ Fun $5.95


This game maybe old, but your kid will surely have tons of fun playing it and getting to the top fast to win.

9. Ridley’s Tumbling Blocks $29.75


Test your kid’s problem solving skills with these tumbling blocks.

8. Ridley’s Harmonica $14.90


Does she/he like music? Perfect for afternoons when she/he wants to indulge in making beautiful melodies.

7. 4M Kidz Labs – 12 Tricks Magic Kit $23.95


Okay so, he’s a fan of magic. Let him do his own magic tricks with this magic kit.

6. 4M Kidz Labs – Night Sky Projection Kit $23.95


Create his own universe in his bedroom. Make up his own constellations with this projection kit.

5. 7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Station $29.95


These rechargeable station teaches kids on how to power and charge machines creatively.

4. Water Wars: Vests & Guns (set of 2) |Suck UK $46.95


Play water wars with these vests and guns.

3. Silverlit iOS Controlled Porsche 911 Carrera $109.95


If she’s/he’s a fan of remote controlled cars, this would surely delight her or him.

2. Silverlit iOS Blu-Tech Bluetooth Helicopter for iPhone & iPad $99.95


This helicopter can fly using your iPhone and iPad bluetooth as remote control.

1. Sphero 2.0 | iOS & Android Controlled Robotic Ball $179.95


Sphero is a revolutionary remote control robotic ball which can be controlled using a smart phone or tablet, like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any Android device.

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