Top 5 Retirement Gifts For A Veteran Colleague

Top 5 Retirement Gifts For A Veteran Colleague

Someone you know is retiring and you want to give him something for his retirement. Nothing expensive, but something he could use and amuse himself with.

We have come up with some choices which your retiree friend might like and have fun with.

Fridge Magnetic Poetry Kit $24.50


These poetry kits contain about 170-200 words each with various themes. You can use them on any metal surface like the fridge. Let your retiree friend write his poetic thoughts with this cool poetry kit.

iHealth Bluetooth Digital Scale $104.95


This digital scale will help measure and track weight instantly. It’s a handy wireless scale which can be taken anywhere and is good for your friend who likes to keep track of his weight and his entire family’s.

Card Safe RFID Blocking Card Case $12.95


This is a stylish card case which will ensure the security and protection of his cards. It has 7 pockets which will ensure the safety of each card.

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock $139.95


This gadget will help your retiree friend track his blood pressure, using iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It can even create a chart of his blood pressure readings which he could share with family, friends and keep the doctor informed.

Grenade Coffee Mug $13.95


Let your retiree friend have his explosive dose of caffeine on a cool early morning. This amusing army design mug will definitely let others know that he’s serious about his coffee.

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