The Top 5 Ways to Make Valentines Day 2015 a Success

The Top 5 Ways to Make Valentines Day 2015 a Success


Are you in love..or in crush? If so, you’re probably wanting to make that special someone feel loved on Cupid’s favourite day of the year – Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, finding a special gift, or way to show them your love can be a stressful task…when it really shouldn’t be. Wipe that sweat from your brow, and read on, because we have your morning to evening covered for you and your special someone.

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day 2015 a Success

1. Start off by making your lover breakfast in bed. Okay, yes, it’s corny, but it’s sweet, and it will be very much appreciated!


Kitchen Gifts

2. A coffee mug to share makes for a romantic moment every morning.

Tea For Two Lovers Mug,

3. If you want to make your night EVEN more personal, why not put your cooking skills to the test? Find a few recipes, follow with precision, and your food should be a huge success! Your lover will be licking their lips. Mmmm!

The Obsessive Chef Shopping Board

4. Get them a gift from the heart. Yes, some people can be materialist, but jewels are nothing compared to a very thoughtful, personal gift.


5. Don’t forget to have fun on your special night (wink, wink)! Turn up the love dial to HOT, and arrange a little something…different and fun for a night full of spice!


So there you have it, the tips and tricks to take Valentine’s Day 2015 from ‘oh’ to ‘ooh, la,la!’. Looking for something else? Find the perfect gift for your loved one at Yellow Octopus.