What To Get My 12 Year Old Daughter

What To Get My 12 Year Old Daughter

Are you looking for a cheap birthday gift for your 12 year old? Or, you simply want to surprise her with a quirky gift? Perfect timing! We can make it possible.

Read on, these ideas might work.

Building Block Hearts Notebook $3.95


If you want a cool and a stylish notebook for your daughter, have a look at this lego inspired Building Block Hearts Notebook. It comes in fantastic blue and red colours, and it’s
cheap. You better get one for her if she’s a fan of lego. She’ll surely thank you for it.

Human Evolution Bookmarks | by Doiy $4.66


These Human Evolution Bookmarks are one of a kind. They depict the evolution of man based on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Put fun into reading with these unique and funny bookmarks. Give her favorite book a touch of colour whenever she wants to mark her favorite pages.

Love Heart Stamp Set | by Suck UK $4.97


These Love Heart Stamp Set add a bit of spice when sending notes. She can mark her notes with,”love you, smile and call me” whenever she wants to express her caring thoughts.

Awesome Writable Party Hats $4.95


If she’s having a party, these party hats would make it fun and exciting as she wants it to be. She can write whatever she wants on them, and are perfect for giveaways.

Chopstick Drumsticks | by Suck UK $4.97


Okay, so she has a fascination for drums and Asian style eating. Surprise her with these

Chopstick Drumsticks . Make her experience eating the Asian style, or drumming in the afternoons with these cheap, but extremely useful kitchen tools.

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