What To Get My Friend For His 18 Birthday

What To Get My Friend For His 18 Birthday

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So, your friend is turning 18. But you are having a difficult time at thinking what best gift to give him on this special day? No worries, we have come up with some ideas for you. We just might have the perfect gift for him on this list. So, why not read on…

Doomed Skull Shot Glass $12.95


Make him ready for drinking age. This shot glass would truly delight him as he drinks his first shot of tequila on this.

STFU – Shut The F##k Up Mug $9.95


Okay, he needs a bit of time for himself, sort of like time alone. This mug would tell everybody else what to do when he needs those moments.

iSpy Tank – The App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank $99.95


You are able to control iSpy Tank with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It can capture live streaming videos of wherever it goes. (Isn’t that cool?) Help him see what the neighbors are up to.

Arse/Face Soap $9.95


This soap says clearly where to use it. It’s perfect and has a sweet scent after using. Perfect for your friend when he takes those long showers after school.

Solar Sun Jar | Suck UK $44.95


Light up dark nights with this solar sun jar. Charge it during the daytime (by the window), with solar energy and use it at night to light up a dark room.

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