What To Get Your Parents For Their Anniversary

What To Get Your Parents For Their Anniversary

Your parents’ anniversary is the celebration of their marriage. It’s that time of the year when they celebrate their vows to each other as husband and wife. It’s a day of remembrance and recollection of old memories and good times. And you can spice it up a bit with a quirky gift for both of them.

Yellow Octopus have some quirky suggestions for your parent’s anniversary. Have a look, you just might find what you are looking for here.

Heart Frying Pan $5.95


Whenever they cook their egg or hot cakes, they will be reminded of their love for each other with this heart shaped frying pan.

Viva Scandinavia -“Anytime” Ceramic Teapot $34.95


Have their tea always ready on this perfectly designed ceramic teapot.

“Dad, You’re a BloodyLegend” Giant Coffee Mug $14.95


Tell Dad, how much you adore him and how he is to you.

“Mum You’re BloodyAwesome” Giant Coffee Mug $13.50


This mug tells mum bluntly of how you feel about her.

Solar Sun Jar | Suck UK $44.95

yellow-octopus-sun_jar1 (1)

It charges with solar energy during the day with daylight and can light up an entire room during the darkness of the night.

There are more anniversary gifts for mum and dad at www.yellowoctopus.com.au