19 Funny Toilet Paper Memes (1 Per Person)

19 Funny Toilet Paper Memes (1 Per Person)

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These toilet paper memes will have you laughing ‘til your stomach aches. Not so much that you need to rush off to the toilet. Toilet paper has become far too scarce and precious for that. But our hilarious toilet paper memes reminds us all that sometimes we have to sit down, calm down, and let it all out. 

Our funny toilet paper memes tell the incredible tale. Who would have thought toilet paper would become such a priceless commodity? When Covid reared its ugly head, so did our basic survival instincts. It became a case of every man and woman for themselves. Trolleys were stacked to the brim, there were fistfights in the aisle and panic buying and hoarding became a national pastime. Seniors lined up at seven a.m. and then it was on. 

We have memes showing that receipts are not to be discarded (You never know they could come in handy). There’s a meme showing Grandma’s ingenuity—no toilet paper, no problem—I’ll just knit one. Or the giant toilet roll that handles some serious traffic. That sums it up. These hilarious toilet paper memes show how comedic things have become. 

Stock up on these funny toilet paper memes that will have you ‘rolling’ about with laughter

1. White Gold

2. Darn right I want my receipt!

3. I'm on a roll here

4. Waste not, want not

5. Rock solid advice

6. A Marketer's dream

7. Priceless

8. You shouldn't have left me in lockdown

9. Ribbit

10. The good old days

11. No more hang-up's

12. A precious crop

13. Knit one, wipe one

14. Afterpay please

15. Bring it on

16. The science doesn't make sense

17. The ultimate prize

18. It's all about priorities

19. Help Mummy

No need to wipe that smile off your face

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