9 Gift Ideas That Only Make Sense In 2020

9 Gift Ideas That Only Make Sense In 2020

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2020 has been an unusual year. Okay, it’s been downright batsh*t and absolutely crazy. Here’s a quick recap: a pandemic; a nationwide toilet paper shortage; protests; riots; Tiger King; bushfires; UFO videos; Twitter was hacked; Harry and Meghan left the royal family; and Parasite won the Oscar for Best Picture. It has been such a wild ride that it has made the dystopian science fiction show Black Mirror seem tame by comparison. At any other time in history, the following gifts would be quirky and unusual. But in 2020? They’re perfect. 

Looking forward to 2021? Surely we’ve got the bad luck out of our system and can look forward to an exciting decade ahead. Start planning with these amazing ideas for your home, gadgets for your office, and fun toys for the kids. After all, happiness is contagious too.



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