28 Super Funny Tattoos (AKA Bad Tattoos)

28 Super Funny Tattoos (AKA Bad Tattoos)

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These are either the worst tattoos or the funniest tattoos of all time. Either way, they’re incredibly creative. Sure, they may have made a mother angry and a grandma furious, but in time, they would have had to chuckle. So we give two thumbs up to these hilarious larrikins who sacrificed their body to give us all a good laugh. Now, it’s time for you to decide. Are these hilarious tattoos? Terrible? Both? Let’s find out…

Stupidly funny tattoos that are so bad they’re good…

1. "Turkey Sandwich" in Japanese

2. Eminem

3. Turtle Shell

4. Regret nothing...

5. He finally found the one...

6. Burritos

7. He wins every staring contest

8. Baboon brain

9. Champion of the world

10. Mistakes were made

11. Elephant trunk

12. Found him!

13. Shocked Pikachu

14. Popeye power

15. Join the dots

16. How much did this tattoo cost?

17. Time for a trim

18. Camel toe

19. Oreos are life

20. Bald by design

21. Monkey tummy

22. Plan ahea...

23. Mum wasn't happy

24. To do: Get a better tattoo

25. Roses are red...

26. Employability is cool

27. 6 pack abs

28. Be like Mike

If you thought those ‘funny’ tattoos were bad, wait until you read these tattoo jokes...

1. Did you hear about the guy with the misspelled tattoo? He says he has "No regerts".   2. Got a tattoo of a digital watch on my wrist. I regretted it literally one minute later.   3. Yesterday I went to a temporary tattoo parlour and got a tattoo. But it wouldn't wash off this morning, so I went back to complain, but the tattoo parlour wasn't there.   4. First I got a tattoo on my cervical that said "5". Next, I got one on my thoracic that said "4". Then, I got one on my lumbar that said "3". After that, I got one on my Sacrum that said 2". And now, I'm getting one on my Coccyx that says "1". It's the spinal countdown.   5. What kind of tattoo tells you the temperature? A Thermos-tat.   6. My parents said that if I got a tattoo I'd have to get it in a place that didn't matter...   7. So I got it in Hobart, Tasmania.   8. A relationship isn't official until the ink dries.   9. I got a new tattoo because I wanted my friends to be able to count on me. It read: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   10. A guy walks into a tattoo parlour, "What's the Chinese symbol for failure?" The artist replies, "Any tattoo will do."   11. A guy visits a tattoo parlour and asks for a tally mark. He comes in every couple of weeks and always asks for another tally until the tattoo artist asks him what he's counting. "Oh nothing, just how many tattoos I've got."   12. I got a prison tattoo of mitochondria. Now I truly am the powerhouse of the cell.   13. What kind of ink do politicians get? Aristotats.   14. My father looked me in the eyes and sagely advised, “Son, find a girl with an embarrassing tattoo and try to convince her to marry you.” “She knows how to make bad decisions and stick by them.”   15. I just got an idea to get a "Trust no one" tattoo on my arm. But I don't think any tattoo artist would do it properly.   16. I got a tattoo of a dictionary on my bicep… I wanted to add definition to my arm.   17. I was drawing one day, but then I messed it up, so I scribbled all over it… The guy getting the tattoo wasn't too happy about it.   18. I got my tattoo artist to write “Tattoo artists are stupid” on my back.   19. I thought I got him pretty good until I realised the joke was on me.   20. Do people in Japan get tattoos of English words?   21. A guy with flame tattoo sleeves walks into a building and gets stopped by security.   22. The security guard tells the guy there are no firearms allowed.

Seriously, those funny tattoos are legendary

They aren’t bad tattoos, they aren’t the worst tattoos, and they aren’t tattoo fails. They’re hilarious. So hats off to these legends with funny tattoos who give us all a good laugh. 

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