31 AFL Facts: Perfect For The Pre Game Warm-Up

31 AFL Facts: Perfect For The Pre Game Warm-Up

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We all know that AFL is anything but trivial. It’s a matter of life and death. We live and breathe it with a passion. But it does have a quirky, trivial side. And no doubt you’re surrounded by armchair experts. We’ve compiled a list of 31 AFL trivia questions to test your family and friends who think they know more than even the great Bruce McAvaney.

31 AFL Facts To Get The Game Started

We came up with 31 absolute ripper AFL facts perfect for a pre-game quiz amongst all your fanatical footy mates. Why 31? Well, try this for starters. Which player's name was associated with the number 31 at Bingo halls around Australia? Number 31- Ronald Dale Barrassi. 


So You’re An Expert? Find our with these AFL Facts and Trivia Questions 

  1. Which team has won more wooden spoons than it has had finals appearances? St Kilda. 27 wooden spoons to 26 finals series.
  1. In what year did the VFL change its name to the AFL? 1990.
  1. Who is the only premiership coach with a surname starting with L? John Longmire.
  1. Before 2010, when did Collingwood last win the premiership on the last day in September? 1958. The 1990 Grand Final was won on October 6, 1990, because of earlier drawn finals.
  1. Which team kicked the highest losing score in a Grand Final? Richmond, 1972. They kicked 150 points to Carlton’s 177. Richmond’s score would have won any grand final between 1897 to 1979.
  1. Which footballer has played the most games at the MCG? Kevin Bartlett, 200 games.
  1. What is strange about the Sydney Swans swan? It’s white. In Australia, we have black swans.
  1. A team from which country beat Aussie teams 14 out of 25 exhibition games? England in 1888. Ouch, that hurts.
  1. When the game first started, no time limits existed for the game. How was the winner decided? The first team to score two goals won.
  1. Which team has won the wooden spoon and the premiership in the same year? Fitzroy in 1916. Only four teams competed due to World War 1. That’s peaking at the right time.
  1. Who played the most consecutive games? The late, great Jim Stynes. 244 games in a row.
  1. Which player has played in the most premierships for an individual player? Michael Tuck, Hawthorn, 7 premierships from 11 Grand Finals.
  1. Who did Dustin Martin play for in the TAC cup? The Bendigo Pioneers.
  1. Which player has played the most games without a Brownlow vote? Nick Smith, Sydney Swans, 211 games.
  1. What was Hawthorn's original nickname? The Mayblooms.
  1. When did South Melbourne first play its home games in Sydney? The players still lived and trained in Melbourne. They became the fully based Sydney Swans in 1983.
  1. Which current TV personality was the fourth-youngest player to have played VFL/AFL football? Channel 7 newsreader and commentator Tim Watson of Essendon at 15 years and 305 days.
  1. Which of his teammates became the second-oldest player to play VFL/AFL football? Dustin Fletcher at 40 years and 23 days.
  1. Name three other venues that have hosted an AFL/VFL Grand Final. Waverley Park, Princes Park, Junction Oval and Lake Oval.
  1. Who is the tallest player to have played AFL footy? Aaaron Sandilands, Fremantle at 211cm.
  1. Which team has the highest winning percentage? Collingwood, 60.99%.
  1. Which current AFL coach did not play AFL football? Chris Fagan. He was a Tasmanian and played all his football there.
  1. What was Jason Akermanis’s signature celebration move after a victory? A walking handstand.
  1. Which current AFL coach was suspended for four games after a wild brawl in a postseason match between Carlton and North Melbourne, labelled the “Battle of Britain”? Alistair Clarkson.
  1. Name either of the two umpires who have been awarded a stat because they both marked a ball during play? Brendan Hosking in 2015 in a Carlton v Port Adelaide game and Peter Carey in a game between St Kilda and Fremantle in 1999.
  1. What prop accompanied Nat Fyfe to the stage when accepting his 2015 Brownlow? A walking stick, because he had a broken leg.
  1. Who did Adelaide beat to win the first AFLW premiership? Brisbane.
  1. Lance Franklin was the last player to kick 100 goals in a season in 2008. But in 1970, three players kicked 100 goals in the season. Name the three. Peter Hudson,146 Hawthorn, Peter Mckenna 143 Collingwood, and Alex Jesaulenko115 Carlton.
  1. Which inter-state teams have won AFL premierships and how many? West Coast 3, Adelaide 2, Brisbane Lions 3, Sydney Swans2, Port Adelaide 1.
  1. Who was the first female AFL field umpire? Eleni Glouftsis.
  1. Which AFL father and son combination have played the second-most combined number of games? Gary Ablett Senior and Gary Ablett Junior.

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