44 Adorable Animal Memes

44 Adorable Animal Memes

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These animal memes are cuter than a pug snuggling in a rug, cuddlier than a baby koala, and more adorable than a basketful of kittens. They’re purrrrfect. 

What cuteness you can look forward to? - A puppy that looks like Batman - A cat dressed as a French model - A kangaroo hugging a teddy bear

Awwww. Now, are you ready for our heartwarming animal memes? Then keep reading because we’ve collected the most popular animal memes ever made. 

The 44 cutest animal memes: Puppies, cats, koalas, kangaroos, and even beavers

It's called fashion. Ever heard of it?


Give him some room. He can do it.


When you have not ideas what's going on but you still try to help.




If I just keep looking cute, they'll surely blame the dog.


I'll save you. Take my hand.


Welcome to Good Boy Airlines. I'll be your pilot today. I'm a sausage dog, and while I many be short, don't worry—I'm not afraid of heights.


We were wolves once, wild and fearless. Then we realized you had sofas! And treats, and cuddles, and belly scratches.


The reason dog's can't eat chocolate is because they are already too sweet. Aww.


So.... my Mum accidentally ordered an XS dog bad. But he's still grateful! :)


When your owner says "Whose a good boy?"... and you already know it's you. ;)


When you're the Christmas miracle.


Adorable, I am. Give me treats, you must.


You think I'm cute? Aww.. get OTTER here.


This girl and her dog saver a mother goat with her newborn baby.


This dog can't stop smiling after being rescued from a shelter.


Feeling cute... might bork later.. idk. #InstaDog


They said I could be anything. So I became a panda.


I see you has chicken samich. I also like chicken samiches.


My dog was terrified of the fireworks, so my cat went and cuddles up with her... my heart is still crying.


Nothing to see here. Just two labradoodles being labradoodles.


Before and after being told she's beautiful.


Ibex you don't even lift. #GoatBros


This is Ralph. He is a dog that lives near school and waits for me everyday after school to say ho to him before I have to leave.


Today marks a year since I paid nearly $200 to be told that my dog was faking struggling to breathe in order to be carried.


Is it true that you've been a very good boy?


Don't worry. I'm koalafied to drive.


Here we have the most dangerous animal species known to kill prey larger than its size. Underneath is a cute komodo dragon.


Bee-ver. Now that's a bee-autiful animal meme.

When you pass another school bus on a field trip.

Who's this heart breaker? The Animal Bachelor has a new contestant...


He's never seen himself in the mirror. So I tell him how handsome he is at least 20 times per day.


When the photographer calls you cute while taking your picture.


Human. I request your assistance.


One day, I will turn into a beautiful catterfly.


When your clothes order arrives and everything looks great and you don't have to return anything.


She comes here everyday to give him a kiss and then leave.


My pets just found out they're adopted.


When you accidentally open the front camera but you're cute so it doesn't matter.


This picture was taken before and after telling her she can do anything she sets her mind to.


Only pack essentials when going on vacation.


Bear breaks into house, plays the piano, but not very well. HE's JUST TRYING HIS BEST OKAY.


We interrupt your day to share with you a picture of a kangaroo hugging a teddy bear. Worth it.

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