49 Relatable Quotes That Resonate With You

When we read a relatable quote we think, “That’s been written specifically about me, my day, how I feel about things, my special someone, my family or friends.” Well, that’s because it has.  Whilst we’re all unique, we’re also all connected and love to laugh, share, lament, ponder, ruminate, grizzle and groan together. So because we all share common ground, we’ve put together a collection of relatable quotes that are sure to resonate with you. This list includes relatable quotes about:
  • Friends: “Friends have conversations, impossible for others to understand.”
  • Work:  “I’d like to dial back work about 10% and try to have a vacation that’s more than an email with  a view.”
  • That special someone:  “When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. When you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” 
  • Kids: “Being a parent means loving your kids more than you’ve ever loved yourself.”
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Relatable Quotes About Your Friends

Friends are the people you relate most to. So, of course, there’ll be a swag of relatable quotes.

> “If my parents knew half the stories about me my best friends know, they’d disown me.”

> “We don’t lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are.”

> “That horrible feeling when someone else says your best friend is their best friend.”

> “True friends don’t judge each other. They judge others...together.”

> “Hanging out with old friends and saying… remember when.”

> “Friends have conversations, impossible for others to understand.”

> “Always remember I am your best friend. If you fall, I will pick you up. After I finish laughing.”

> “All we need is some friends and a song to sing along.”

> “I’ll do it if you do it.”

> “Do you have friends who you can’t even remember how you became friends.”

Relatable Quotes About Work

Working 9 to 5. What a way to make a living! No wonder we need relatable work quotes to sum up our day, our week, or our colleagues.

> “I always arrive at the office late, but make up for it by leaving early.”

> “Due to the current workload the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off until further notice.”

> “I hate it when I lose things at work, like pens, memos, sanity and dreams.”

> “I’d like to dial back work about 10% and try to have a vacation that’s more than an email with  a view.”

> “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they fly by.”

> “Teamwork means never having to take all the blame yourself.”

> “Everyone brings joy to the office. Some when they arrive, others when they leave.”

> “Yay! It’s the weekend!” Said nobody who works in a restaurant.

> “Sometimes the best part of my job is that the chair swivels.”

> “Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph.”

> “Hello Friday!” The superhero of the work-week.

> “It’s funny how nobody notices what you do until you don’t do it.”

Relatable Quotes To Share With That Special Someone

A relatable quote about your special someone is just like, “your song.” It only works for you.

> “Isn’t it great how we can both say one word and then just burst out laughing.”

> “Before I met you, I never knew you could look at someone and smile for no reason.”

> “How awesome is it when we text and we reply almost before we finish.”

> “Sometimes you meet a person and you just click. No need to pretend, you can just be yourself.”

> “What’s your favourite position in bed? Next to the wall so I can use my phone while it’s charging.”

> “I want you to look at me the way you look at your morning coffee.”

> “Lots of people want to ride in the limo with you. I need someone who’ll take the bus with me when the limo breaks down.”

> “When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. When you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” 

> “Love is the only word to describe what we’ve been through together.”

> “You fixed my broken heart by giving me yours.”

Relatable Quotes About Your Kids

Your kids are unique. They make you smile, laugh, cry. Often all at the same time. Here are a few relatable quotes about kids, sure to strike a chord with you.

> “Being a parent means loving your kids more than you’ve ever loved yourself.”

> “When your kids are teenagers it’s important to get a dog. You need someone who’s happy when they see you.”

> “When your Mum’s voice is so loud that even your neighbours brush their teeth and get dressed.”

> “Why do kids walk right past their dad watching T.V. and bang on the shower door for me to open a fruity snack?”

> “Since I’ve had kids I’ve had days where I’ve never done so much. And so little.”

> “I wish I was a little kid so I could take long naps and everyone would be so proud of me.”

> “It’s not the noise that bothers me. It’s that eerie, they’re up to no-good silence.’

> “I’ve never wrestled an alligator but I have given a small child medicine in the middle of the night. Same thing.

> “When something is wrong with the computer, my parents blame me. When something is wrong with me, my parents blame the computer.

> “I don’t want to sleep like a baby. I want to sleep like my husband.” Relatable quotes add meaning to our lives because they help us make sense of the world. So do relatable gifts, because they show we understand those who make up our world. Here’s where to find an awesomely relatable gift. And if you are obsessed with quotes, make sure you check out these Game of Throne quotes, party quotes, and birthday messages

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