99 Creative Things To Do When Bored (For Kids)

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What are the best activities to keep your kids entertained? There’s 99 of them and they’re all listed below. Kids boredom will be cured. Whether it’s the school holidays or weekend, with these things to do when bored for kids, you’ll never hear “I’m bored” again. Goodbye boring, hello endless entertainment. 

Never hear “I’m bored” again. These 99 kids’ activities cure boredom. Keep reading and find an activity—or ten. 

  1. Press flowers. Like arts and crafts? Check out his Pressed Flower Craft Kit.
  2. Make Your Own Bouncy Balls. 
  3. Introducing The Bored Button. Bored? Click this button and see what happens. 
  4. Bake a cake or some cookies with your kids. Then to teach them the importance of sharing, give some to your friends and neighbours.
  5. Read. Reading books can fill hours. Plus, when you have a good book, you don’t even realise you’re learning. You can make it a group activity by reading aloud or acting out a book.  
  6. Play frisbee. Whether in the backyard or in the park, it’s always fun. And your dog can play too. 
  7. Create sculptures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. 
  8. Pin the tail on the donkey. You don’t have to wait for a birthday party to play. 
  9. Have an indoor snowball fight using rolled-up white socks. 
  10. Your clicks can End World Hunger. Kind of. Every answer you get correct on this site means 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. You can choose from varying difficulty levels and subjects.
  11. View the world’s cutest animals in one place. It’s the ultimate online zoo. 
  12. Addicting Games make time fly by. So if you want to watch your afternoon whizz by, an addicting game is a great move. 
  13. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? This hilarious ‘game’ is known as the ‘Chubby Bunny Challenge’. Not only is it hilarious, but you also get delicious marshmallows. 
  14. Build a fort. Making a fort from blankets, cushions, and pool noodles is unbelievable fun. Kids are never bored inside a fort. 
  15. Indoor obstacle course. Set them up so kids can roll under, hop over, and scoot around soft objects like pillows and mattresses. 
  16. Write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa. Kids can include a picture as well. 
  17. Create some sock puppets. It’s a fun kids’ activity, and it gives you something to do with all of the socks they’ve grown out of.  Here’s a quick guide
  18. Visit the library. Libraries have so many activities for kids. Beyond the thousands of books, there are games, videos, and scheduled group activities. 
  19. Build a 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot.
  20. Dance. Play some kids tunes and have a dance party in your living room. 
  21. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a great activity because it lasts for days or weeks and everyone can help out. Make sure it’s age appropriate. 
  22. Learn to paper mache. Help out your budding inventors and let them create a paper mache project. Here are the details
  23. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids. You don’t have to wait until Easter, they can hunt down some goodies any day of the year. 
  24. Make macaroni jewellery. You won’t believe what kids can create with some simple macaroni and string. 
  25. Have a picnic. Visit your local park, beach, or river and take a delicious picnic with you. Don’t forget to take a frisbee for the kids. Btw, your children will enjoy the picnic even more if they’ve helped make the food and drinks. So get them involved. 
  26. Make tie-dye t-shirts. They were cool in the 70s and they’re still cool to kids today. What kid wouldn’t love a crazy coloured t-shirt that they’ve created?
  27. Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard. Ask your kids to find cool things to put in there. Just remember where you bury your time capsule so you can dig it up one day!
  28. Write stories. Kids have creative minds—stories capture their most imaginative ideas. With the right attitude, writing stories is a form of play. 
  29. Publish a kids’ newspaper. Naturally, kids can make up the news. It’s sure to be the most entertaining news day of the year featuring invading aliens, Disney princesses, and miraculous inventions. 
  30. Build a sundial. It’s possible for kids. Check out this guide
  31. Write a haiku. Kids are surprisingly intuitive poets. However, they’ll benefit from reading this first.
  32. Play balloon volleyball. It’s a classic kids birthday activity, but it’s also perfect for the school holidays. All it takes is a couple of kids, balloons, and an improvised net. You won’t believe how long kids will play for. Balloon volleyball is addicting. 
  33. Go on a camping trip—in the backyard. Put up a tent, grab some snacks, and tell scary stories late into the night. Adventures are what you make them, not where you go. 
  34. Make a daisy chain. 
  35. Find interesting shapes in the clouds. 
  36. Develop your own secret handshake. 
  37. Cook up some fruit kabobs. Instead of using beef or chicken, use fruit to fill your skewers.  
  38. Create pavement art using chalk. 
  39. Movie marathon. Cook up some popcorn, get comfy, and watch your favourite movies back-to-back. 
  40. Make friendship bracelets. Then your kids can give them to their friends when they see them next. 
  41. See the world close up with a magnifying glass. Explore the outdoors in detail with a magnifying glass. 
  42. Ride outdoors. Go for a bike ride. Or skateboarding. Or rollerblading. 
  43. Your kids can make their own music. Seriously. This site lets make their own DJ mixes. Is your kid a future DJ?
  44. Music makes us feel amazing. But how does it work? Your kids can find out how it happens with this free music theory.
  45. Play in the sprinklers. If it’s hot, turn on the sprinklers and play outside. 
  46. Set up the longest line of Dominos possible—and then knock them down! Make sure your smartphone is recording when you set-off the line of dominos. 
  47. Make a pet rock. Paint your favourite rock, add some eyes and a smile, and Voila! You have a pet rock. 
  48. Start a stamp collection. 
  49. Play hopscotch. Use chalk or tape to set up the squares outside. 
  50. New games are nice, but the classics are unbeatable. Check out this Classic Games Compendium for hours of school holiday fun. 
  51. Play catch. Or kick to kick. Or tag. 
  52. Plant 10 trees in your backyard. 
  53. Do some finger painting. Kids finger paintings look fantastic on the fridge. 
  54. Take funny selfies. 
  55. Create a comic book. Your kids can even invent their own superhero. 
  56. How smart are your kids? Genius level? Find out with these Playing Cards By Mensa – Riddles And Conundrums. It’ll challenge them, stimulate their brains, and help them learn. 
  57. Go to the zoo. 
  58. Learning to code is one of the best things kids can do. It’ll prepare them for the future. They can take a coding class with Code Academy for free. Every tutorial comes with step-by-step instructions. 
  59. Watch your kid become a cartoon. It’s magic. You can take a photo and then turn it into a cartoon with this site. How will your children look as a cartoon character?
  60. Stumble upon random parts of the internet and discover random sites. What will you find?
  61. Forget cops and robbers. Play hacker and security consultant with this fun site. It makes your computer screen look like an illegal hacker. 
  62. Visit the aquarium. 
  63. Head to the beach. 
  64. One of the best things your kid can do is to learn a new language on Duolingo. Especially since it’s easier to learn new languages as a kid rather than as an adult. 
  65. Explore the most incredible photos from NASA. Their photo of the day from NASA has detailed explanations so kids can learn about our galaxy—and beyond.  
  66. Make some CRAZY internet art. You can make crazy patterns or amazing sand designs
  67. Dress ups can transform kids into doctors, astronauts, police, soldiers, and even aliens. First kids get dressed up and their imagination takes over from there. 
  68. Careful! The floor is lava. You can’t touch it, so stay on the couch, table, chairs—anywhere but the lava floor.  
  69. Host a tea party. Your kids can invite their teddy bears and imaginary friends. 
  70. Sell lemonade from a lemonade stand. It’s the first business of every entrepreneur. 
  71. Create a scrapbook. Kids can record their favourite pictures and memories. They’ll be thrilled at what they made in thirty years, when they can look back at their childhood. 
  72. Play 20 Questions with Akinator, The Web Genie. He’s smarter than you can imagine! 
  73. You can beat the classic board game Monopoly. Not only does it keep kids entertained for hours and hours, they learn how property markets work. It’s a win-win. 
  74. Play Ridley’s Family Quizzes & Games. Kids can test their general knowledge, play charades, and much more. It’s the ultimate boredom destroyer. 
  75. What’s the most fun way to teach kids how to spell? Play Scrabble! It’s the best game for budding wordsmiths. 
  76. Chess is the best way to hone young strategic minds. This Travel Chess Set will get your kids started. 
  77. She shoots—she scores! This  Desktop Basketball Game is great for when it’s raining. When you can’t play on the basketball court, you can shoot hoops on the dinner table. 
  78. Make picture frames out of popsicle sticks and decorate them.
  79. Blow bubbles. You can even make homemade bubbles.  
  80. Play truth or dare. 
  81. Play pranks on each other. 
  82. Have a bubble bath. 
  83. Boost your kids’ general knowledge with a game or seven of Trivial Pursuit
  84. Pictionary is a beloved game for kids. It tests their drawing skill and imagination. For more info check out this Pictionary how-to guide
  85. Got a nine? Go fish. The classic card game Go Fish is a fun activity for kids of any age. 
  86. Learn how to hula hoop and skip. 
  87. Feed the homeless. Make up some sandwiches and deliver them to a homeless shelter. 
  88. Hot potato, hot potato. Play hot potato with your kids. It’s a classic kids game for a reason. 
  89. Fill out your family tree. Kids can learn where they came from and explore those cultures. 
  90. You know what’s always fun? Uno—the card game. Try not to draw 4!
  91. ‘I Spy’ is the ultimate kids game. It’s challenging, silly, and you can play it anywhere. Remember how to play? You know how it starts… “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (the first letter of the object you spied).”
  92. Build a snowman inside. Use pillows, clothes, and anything you can find to build your inside snowman. 
  93. Learn some gardening. Start with this fun Magic Pot Head Plant.
  94. Explore the details of your surroundings with this Mini Microscope 60x Magnification.
  95. Do a random act of kindness—or ten. 
  96. Build Foucault's Pendulum.
  97. Build a water rocket. Ready to launch? Check out this Liquifly Deluxe Water Powered Rocket.
  98. Build your very own clock with this Construct-A-Clock kit. 
  99. Find something fun to do on Yellow Octopus. 

Which of these things to do when bored for kids should you pick? Use the Boredom Box to help you choose.

With 99 amazing choices, it can be difficult to choose which to do first. We get it. That’s why we invented the Boredom Box Method What’s the boredom box? Great question. Here’s how it works. You print out this list of 99 things to do when bored for kids, cut out each individual ideas, then put them in a box. See where this is going? Whenever you’re bored, you can reach into the Boredom Box and pull out an idea to do. Easy.     

The truth about boredom. 

“She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.” ― Zelda Fitzgerald Kids can entertain themselves because they’re so interesting. They’re creative, imaginative, and endlessly curious. Kids cure boredom by themselves. These kids activities help them cure their boredom on their own. So bookmark this page and return anytime your children want more ideas. These ideas help kick off their adventure, but kids make it magical.


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