A Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide For 2020

A Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide For 2020

Being a father is fun. Whether it’s beating the kids in Mario Kart, teaching them to fish, or entertaining them with hilariously bad Dad jokes—fatherhood is fantastically fun. So it begs the question... Why are most Father's Day gifts so boring? Silk ties, more socks, and gift cards are unimaginative and humdrum. That’s simply unacceptable for our Dads! At Yellow Octopus, we focused on finding the most fun and quirky gifts for Father’s Day. With Father’s Day almost here (it’s on September 6th!!), these 8 gift ideas will guarantee that your gift is like your childhood memories with Dad—fun!    

The 8 most fun Father's Day Gifts for 2020

1. Sharkey Multi-Tool

Dad will love this brilliant multi-tool with built-in bottle opener. it can handle every situation, out in nature or inside the man cave. Want to make this gift even better? Add his favourite craft beers to go along with the multi-tool.  Buy it now: Sharkey Multi-Tool | True Utility  

2. Yes Dear Button

This Yes Dear Button will keep the missus happy. Did you put the trash out? Yes dear. Did you miss me? Yes dear. Do these jeans make my butt look big? Okay, Dad can’t use this button for everything, but overall it will make his life much easier.  Buy it now: The 'Yes Dear' Spousal Bliss Button | 10 'Yes Dear' Variations!  

3. Dad Joke Socks

There ain't no dad joke like a Dad joke. We’ll tell you a little secret about fathers—they know their Dad jokes suck—and it’s actually a source of pride. The worse the joke, the more they love it. So you know he’ll wear these socks with pride.  Buy it now: Ain’t No Bad Joke Like A Dad Joke Socks  

4. Golf Pens

These golf pens are a stroke of genius. For the golf obsessed Dad, you can’t beat this ballpoint pen gift set. The only question is, which pen will be his favourite? The wood, iron or putter? Either way, this gift is a hole in one.  Buy it now: Golf Club Ballpoint Pen Gift Set | Wood, Iron & Putter  

5. Dad Joke Face-Off Game

It’s simple. If you can read the Dad jokes without cracking a grin—you win. Given how hilarious Dad finds his own Dad jokes, we’re betting he finishes in last place. Whether Dad wins or loses, it doesn’t matter. Everyone wins because this game is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family.  Buy it now: Hilarious Dad Joke Face-Off Funny Party Game  

6. Record USB Mug Warmer

You wake up, get your coffee, and set up your laptop. Now it's time to rock. This UBS Mug Warmer is perfect to keep your morning coffee warm as you begin your work while listening some epic tunes.  Buy it now: Music Record USB Mug Warmer  

7. BBQ Multi Tool

Dad's love every kind of multi tool. However, the holy grail of multi tools is the BBQ Multi Tool. It's beautiful. Not only does it have a spatula, it has a marinade brush, fork, bottle opener, and cork screw.  Buy it now: 5-in-1 BBQ Multi Tool  

8. Toilet Timer

 Are you okay in there? Need a book? Need a pillow? Want some Metamucil? Sometimes Dad goes to his minor-man-cave for longer than normal. Sometimes he’s gone so long you wonder if he is hibernating. Not anymore. With the Toilet Times, he’ll be in and out in minutes! Buy it now: Time's Up! Toilet Poo Timer | For Those Who Take Too Long To Poo!  

Ready for September 6th? Finding a gift for Father's Day is easy when you shop at Yellow Octopus

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