Funny Australian Trivia Questions And Answers

Funny Australian Trivia Questions And Answers

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Australia is filled with laughing larrikins. We’re a hilarious bunch and surprisingly clever.  So these funny Australian trivia questions and answers are perfect for the blokes and sheilas in the land down under.   These funny Australian trivia questions and answers are perfect for Sunday BBQs, family gatherings, and long car trips. And like Australia, they’re more than interesting, they’re fair dinkum hilarious.  Keep reading for the questions and answers. 

Funny Australian Trivia Questions And Answers

1. What is a bushman’s clock?

A kookaburra laughing  


2. Which former Australian Prime Minister set a beer drinking world record?

Bob Hawke—drinking 2.5 pints in 11 seconds.   


3. What is the more common slang term for Fish frighteners?

Budgie smugglers.  


4. Before being named Melbourne, what was the city known as?

Batmania—named after John Batman who built a settlement on the Yarra River.


5. Which Aussie promised to “Go all the way with LBJ”?

Prime Minister Harold Holt.   


6. What is Aussie slang for a 4WD that has never been driven off-road and is typically driven in the inner-city?

Toorak tractor.   


7. When an Aussie tried selling New Zealand on eBay, what was the starting price?

1 cent.   


8. With the 5,000 km long Dingo Fence, Australia has the longest fence in the world. What else does it have the longest of? 

We have the longest golf course in the world.     


9. Australia was the second country in the world to give women the vote. Who was the first?

New Zealand.   


10. What is a triantiwontigongolope?

A mythical insect.   


11. How long would it take to visit every beach in Australia if you could only visit one per day?

29 years. Australia has 10, 685 beaches.   


12. Why was Australian Football invented?

To keep cricketers fit in the off season.   


13. Does Australia’s or Switzerland’s alps receive more snow?



14. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?

Crocodile Dundee  


15. Who is the longest serving presenter of Playschool?



16. What was the design of the Sydney Opera House inspired by?

An orange.   


17. What unexpected animal does Australia export to Saudi Arabia?



18. What natural Australian landmark has its own mailbox?

The Great Barrier Reef. You can send it a postcard.   


19. Are there more kangaroos or humans in Australia?

Kangaroos. There are over 40 million of them.   


20. Of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world, how many are found in Australia?



21. Has Australia ever been the world’s richest city?

Yes, in 1980.   


22. What’s the ratio of sheep per person in Australia?

6 to 1. There are over 150 million sheep in Australia.   


23. What Australian animal did England scientists think was a prank?

The platypus. They believed us Aussies had stitched a duck’s bill onto a rat.   


24. Which alcoholic beverage holder was invented in Australia?

Goon—the wine cask.   


25. Does Australia have a cattle station larger than the entire nation of Israel?



26. What was Vegemite invented from?

Leftover yeast used to make beer.   


27. When security guards at Parliament House in Canberra were banned from calling people ‘mate’, how long did the band last?

One day.   


28. In Aussie slang, what does it mean to have a ‘bo-peep’?

A sleep.   


29. Where is the Big Prawn?



30. Australia is the world record holder for which Christmas decorative item?

The world’s largest Christmas cracker.   


31. Which actors played the characters, Kath and Kim?

Jane Turner and Gina Riley.   


32. Which classic Aussie film features the phrase, “Tell him he’s dreaming.”?

The Castle  


33. When an Aussie tells you he’s going to “Bend an elbow”, what is he about to do?

Drink a beer.   


Bonus Why is Canberra the capital city of Australia?

Because Sydney and Melbourne couldn’t agree which city would be the capital, so we built a new city in between them.    

How Did You Go With Funny Australian Trivia Questions And Answers?

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