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    DIY Build-a-Boombox Retro Smartphone Amplifier

    Ghetto blast yourself back to the 1980s with the ultimate in MC-Hammer shoulder bling: our DIY Retro Boombox Smartphone Amplifier!

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    • DIY Boombox Amplifier works with most smartphones

    • Great amplification - sweet sound!

    • No batteries or wires required

    • Super cool retro boombox design

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    Do you fancy yourself as a wannabe Beastie Boy? Love busting a move to your favourite Spotify playlists but need a little more boom boom BOOM?

    It’s time to build your own piece of 1980s hip hop culture and blast your friends away with our DIY Build-a-Boombox Retro Smartphone Amplifier.

    All you need is a pair of hands and your smartphone. The straightforward instructions make it super simple to assemble, and the clever design and smart acoustics give you fantastic amplification: loud, clear sound.

    In no time you’ll be cranking the tunes and busting the moves, and if your friends want to borrow it? CAN'T TOUCH THIS!


    • No batteries or wires required – everything you need is inside the box (minus the phone, of course!)
    • Works with most smartphones where the speaker is located at the base of the phone  
    • The clever design and smart acoustics means you get fantastic sound!


    • Avoid contact with wet/damp surfaces
    • Maximum phone width 7.4 cms 
    • Speaker and packaging is 100% recyclable

    Additional Information

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    Case Colour No


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    What does every teenage boy want? A teenage girl. Okay, okay, that isn’t a gift you can actually get for teen boys. So, what can you buy a teenage boy?

    Well, first we must recognise that not all teenage boys want the same thing. For example, some don’t even want a teenage girl. So, you need different gifts to choose from. You need a monstrous range of gifts for teenage boys. And, you guessed it, that is exactly what we provide here at Yellow Octopus. A cricket bat for ‘sporty’ Sam, Star Wars memorabilia for ‘film buff’ Brian, and a runaway alarm clock for ‘sleep-in late’ Nate.

    Yellow Octopus has hundreds of gifts for teenage boys to choose from. But like teenage boys asking out teenage girls, choosing the perfect gift for boys is challenging. Teen boys’ personality is changing as they go through puberty, meaning you may not be sure what gift to buy. That’s okay. They don’t even know themselves.

    Puberty is a weird time. Testosterone is sculpting them into a new person, and as any marble statue will tell you, being sculpted hurts. Hair grows in places it has never grown before, annoying girls they once ignored become mesmerising but now ignore them, and rules start looking more like suggestions. It’s no surprise. If testosterone is like uranium and teenage boys are like a nuclear power plant, then puberty is the reactor that combines them, producing a lot of extra energy.

    That energy encourages them to figure the world out for themselves. It becomes a time for experimenting. Naturally you want to select presents for boys that encourage them experimenting with new games, toys and humour, rather than drugs, sex and starting the next Scientology.

    This gives you leeway with buying gifts for teen boys. They don’t have to already love what you buy them, getting something new is an experiment they can try. Maybe it will grow into a hobby, a passion or career. New gift ideas can capture their imagination.

    Role models are one way to inspire them. If they are into any franchises like Iron Man, Star Wars or Marvel then related products are great gift ideas for teenage guys.

    Yellow Octopus has a range of gift ideas for teenage guys that they are sure to enjoy, although maybe not as much as they’d enjoy holding hands with a teenage girl.

    Gifts for boys to help you live with them

    Thinking of gift ideas for teenage boys can be hard, especially if you’re a parent or grandparent. After all, not many Grandmas enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto on Xbox. One option you have, is to take advantage of the opportunity and buy presents for boys that help your own life. Sneaky.

    Let’s take a look at a few common issues with teenage boys and some gift idea to help you address them:

    1.    Everything smells. You want them in the shower long enough to get clean and odour free. A Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker will keep them in long enough.

    1. 2.    They think they know everything. The naivety of youth is they see every change as progress. But you know it’s not the case. Tabletop Trivia Quiz Card Game is a great gift idea for teenage boys to show them they don’t know everything.
    2. 3.    They sleep constantly. Waking up a teen boy can feel like you’re raising them from the dead. To help you get them going in the morning, buy a Gun Alarm Clock. To quiet the alarm they’ll need to accurately shoot the target. There’s no chance of going back to sleep after that excitement.

    Yellow Octopus has hundreds of gifts for teenage boys. Gifts to inspire them and make them laugh, as well as some much needed gifts to help you cope!

    Gifts for Sporty Teenage Boys

    If your son, nephew, friend or whoever they may be is in to sports then you have come to the right place. We've got a huge range of fitness related gear and gadgets to keep him in shape. There's also stuff for the hubby fisherman, AFL lover and cyclist.

    Suggested Gift: The Visual Compendium of Sneakers Poster is pretty rad. It will allow him to ogle at all the basketball sneakers from famous sports stars such as Michael Jordan.

    Gifts for Teenage Boys: The Studious Types (Rare)

    They might be few and far between, but they do exist! Keep your teenager up to date with the latest and coolest stationary, books and everything he needs for learning. There's plenty of puzzles and educational, science products for the nerdy types.

    Suggested Gift: So you've found one of these rare species, the studious teen boy. Better hold on to him, they're worth a fortune. The Dead Fred Pen Holder is something he can rest his pen on when he's taking a break from the books, with an awesome modern design that doesn't pang of old man.

    Gifts for the Joking Teen

    Does your 15 year old boy love a good joke? Is he always whipping out a practical joke here, there and everywhere. You may not want to encourage him to be the class clown, but what he gets up to on the weekend, that's another story. There's plenty of hilarious novelty gifts for teenage boys that will have him in stitches 24/7. Let him joke till his hearts content with the typical level of toilet humour one would expect from a boy of his age. There's whoopee cushions, funny T-shirts and heaps of funny products for him to sink his teeth into.

    Suggested Gift: Try out the Knitted Beard Beanie. Maybe he has started sprouting the odd stray hair on his chin, but it's probably pretty unlikely he's got a full blown beard. This will make him look like the man he wants to be and sure to garner a few lols from his friends.

    Gifts for Teenage Boys: The Geeky Teenager

    Not everyone is into sport and frivolity. If your son is more of the quiet type and into his video games, Star Wars and Doctor who then we're cool with that. There's a huge range of Pop-Culture goodness such as figurines, memorabilia and cool orignal licensed products from all the big TV and computer game franchises such as Game of Thrones, Minecraft and Star Trek.

    Suggested Gift: The Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Headset. This is legit one of the most awesome Star Trek Products around. This bad boy is an exact 1:1 replica of the real headset from the movies. If he digs Star Trek, he's sure to dig this.

    Gifts for the Masterchef Teenage Boy

    Cooking is getting big, really big. A lot of young chaps are aspiring to become chefs or appear on shows such as Masterchef. If your teenage boy is always in the kitchen knocking up something delicious then you may want to look into some of our awesome kitchen gadgets and cooking gear.

    Suggested Gift: The Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter. So he's just made an unreal home made pizza and now needs to cut it up to share out with his friends. Well, fixies are in. They're cool. Perfect.

    A Guide To Buying for Teenage Boys

    There are a few considerations you might want to keep in mind when buying gifts for a teenage boy.

    • Teenagers are fickle. One day they like one thing, the next it's something else. Even if you select something completely awesome, they may turn their nose up and grunt.
    • The teenage years is when the peer group pressure begins. Everyone wants to be the coolest person on the planet. There is a very, very strong focus on being cool. If you get them something that isn't cool, you'll definitely know about it.
    • Teenagers can get up to a bit of mischief if their minds aren't kept occupied. Go for something that stimulates them mentally and/or physically.
    • Teenage boys are (usually) full of testosterone. Keep this in mind.
    • It's 2017 and let's be honest, teenage boys in Australia, just like everywhere in the world are occupying more and more of their time on the internet, watching TV or playing video games. A proper physical hobby can help keep them sharp, focused and dedicated. It's important that not everything revolves around a screen.

    At Yellow Octopus we've got our finger on the pulse when it comes to gifts for boys. We stay on top of the trends so that you don't have to. We hunt down those gifts that are going to pass the cool test. We rigorously put everything through the teenager-proof test.

    The number of products on our website can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. So if you've had a browse through everything and can't make a decision, then here's our 10 Top Gifts for Teenage Boys List:

    1) The Fitzroy's Stormglass Weather Forecasting Device

    Let's face it, science is cool and so are experiments. Young lads simply love this product. It allows them to embark on an educational adventure, whilst still remaining cool. Very important. This well designed product from Heebie Jeebies changes when the weather changes. Pretty awesome.

    2) Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion.

    Another awesome gift for a teenage guy. So childish, but so hilarious at the same time. This is a serious upgrade from your standard run of the mill whoopee cushion.

    3) World's Largest Underpants

    Another novelty gift that will be well received by teenage boys. I mean, can you picture a teenage boy not laughing at a ginormous pair of white wirefronts?

    4) Poo Emoji Face Slippers

    We know that teenage boys love sleeping in. We also know that they are pretty in to poo for some reason. And teenagers are pretty much obsessed with emojis. So when you combine all of those things, what do you get? The perfect gift.

    5) DIY Speaker Kit - Make Your Own Amplifier

    Fun and educational, that's a win-win. This is perfect for pumping out the latest tunes without costing thousands. And you get to assemble it yourself. Score.

    6) Bulldog Table Lamp

    This lamp definitely has a teen vibe to it. Scrap the old Ikea in favour of something a bit more hip.

    7) Sizzling Bacon Popping Candy

    Combining bacon and candy, any teenagers dream.

    8) Katana Book Ends

    You want to encourage reading, right? This awesome samurai sword design bookends will keep all their volumes in one neat row.

    9) Macho Tissues for Real Men

    They might not be real men just yet, but I'm sure in their mind they think they are. One of the most perfect gifts for teenage boys one could think of.

    10) No! Slammer Button

    Have you noticed that teenage boys say no a lot? It's pretty much their favourite word. This will entertain them, and provide a little bit of funny irony for you.