<p>21st birthdays are an achievement so celebrate with one of our awesome <strong>21st birthday gift ideas.</strong> Forget friends and family, the presents are the highlight of the night. We have a huge range of 21st birthday presents (and decorations) to make their 21st birthday party the best night of the 7,665 nights of their life so far.  Not looking for a 21st? Check out our <a href="https://www.yellowoctopus.com.au/collections/birthday-gifts" title="Birthday Gifts">birthday gifts</a> category for more great stuff, no matter how old they're turning. Couple your gift with an awesome <a href="https://www.blog.yellowoctopus.com.au/happy-birthday-messages/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" title="Happy Birthday Messages">birthday message</a> to top it all off!</p>

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st birthdays are an achievement so celebrate with one of our awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. Forget friends and family, the presents are the highlight of the night. We have a huge range of 21st birthday presents (and decorations) to make their... Read More

21st birthdays are an achievement so celebrate with one of our awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. Read More

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

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21 journeys around a giant fiery star at speeds of 108,000km/h is pretty cool. That journey takes 183,960 hours, and should make a 21-year-old quite mature. Although admittedly, 60,000 of those hours were spent sleeping...

Maybe 21 isn’t so mature. The shenanigans that occur at 21st birthday parties would make Johnny Depp blush. Although, it’d be hard to tell with all that makeup he wears.

21st birthdays were originally celebrated to signify the transition to adulthood. You make it through 21 years and presto, you can own land and vote! Even though 18 is our new recognised age of independence, our personal Independence Day, 21st birthday parties continue growing in popularity like Kim Kardashian’s booty. Unlike the Dodo, 21st have survived and even flourished. They have become a culturally relevant affair. Why? They’re kick-ass. They are the night some of the most epic parties. Even the royal family celebrates turning 21 in the Windsor Castle by drinking Beer Bongs (probably). Epic parties are enough reason to continue any tradition.

21st birthday gifts have a lot of freedom. More so than gifts for your boss's 50th or your stepsister's baby shower. A Heat Changing Girls Strip Mug wouldn’t go over well at those occasions, but at a 21st, funny gifts go over well. Hell, they’re mandatory. We have all the online gifts and 21st party ideas possible so you to leave a lasting impression. That being said, if you really do want to give that strip mug to your boss, who are we to stop you?

21st birthday party

21st birthday parties seem to have a script they follow. Speeches get told, spilling embarrassing secrets about you - your family learns something ‘new’ about you. Awks. Your different friendship groups bond over a shared enjoyment of your embarrassment. Together your mates wipe-out the bar tab in record time. You keep up with them by drinking like an alcoholic fish in a bottle of vodka. You only have one 21st birthday party, it’s the best night ever.

We have a cocktail of 21st birthday party ideas for you to blend into one incredible 21st. What’s the key cocktail ingredient? Alcohol. We have a Beer Bong to drink a large amount quickly, and a Skull Shot glass to drink a small amount quickly. To make some great photos we have Face Mats - they’re coaster which you can hold to your face making it look like you have a moustache, goatee or kissing lips. When it makes you laugh, you can show your approval with a Social Media ‘Like’ Giant Foam Hand.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

We can’t forget presents. Some people say birthdays aren’t about the presents, they’re about spending time with the ones you love. Like, what?! Presents are AWESOME!! When I was 5 I received a brand new bike for my birthday. Amazing. Believe me, no conversation with Great Aunty Miriam has ever been that exciting.

We have some great birthday present ideas for a memorable 21st. 21st birthdays aren’t a time for slippers and towels, they're a time for funny gifts. Luckily we have some online gifts that are as funny as a baboon riding a Shih Tzu.

Let me paint a picture of what it could be like the morning after a 21st birthday where you received presents bought from Yellow Octopus...

You wake up to your alarm shrieking. Like James Bond taking out a deadly assassin you grab your infrared gun and shoot quiet your Gun Alarm Clock. With that crisis averted, it’s time for a shower. But you wouldn’t want a regular, boring shower, would you? Of course not, which is why you turn on your Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker to play your favourite tunes. Perhaps some Taylor Swift interrupted by Kanye half-way through. 

Some dubstep plays on the speakers. You need a proper clean after those dirty beats. You grab your Arse/Face Soap which is clearly labeled on each side and coloured accordingly.

When you hop out of the shower you grab your Heat Changing Girls Strip Mug for a coffee, as the coffee and naked girls both get you going in the morning.

With these and heaps more 21st birthday gift ideas, you will be sure to find an epic birthday present. Be sure to check out our 122 Awesome Party Theme Ideas page for some great inspiration. 

Staff Selections: Our Top 5 21st Birthday Presents

  1. Farting Bottle Opener - What better way to bring in your adult years than with something completely playful and childish?
  2. Beer Bong - You're going to need something to kick off the celebrations with so this could be the perfect instrument to get that party started
  3. Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker - Top 21st birthday gift. If your friend or family member is into their tunes then they'll love this waterproof speaker that will allow the songs to flow just as the water does.
  4. My Travel Scratch Map - This is the time when people find out who they truly are. Many 21 year olds will be boarding a plane and setting off on a backpacking trip of a lifetime. This map will be a perfect way for them to keep track of the countries they've visited and which ones are still on the list to tick off the bucket list
  5. Essential Foreign Swearwords - Just like the above, their is a good chance their will be some traveling around this time. And, face it, you might need to swear along the way.