<p>Another milestone birthday rolls around and you need more 30th birthday present ideas. Well, like always, we've got you covered. Just as turning 18 was becoming a ‘legal’ adult, so too is the 30<sup>th</sup> a celebration of becoming a ‘true’ adult and it's time to party. </p>
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30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Another milestone birthday rolls around and you need more 30th birthday present ideas. Well, like always, we've got you covered. Just as turning 18 was becoming a ‘legal’ adult, so too is the 30th a celebration of becoming a ‘true’ adult and it's time t... Read More

Another milestone birthday rolls around and you need more 30th birthday present ideas. Well, like always, we'... Read More

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

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30th birthdays are commemorated on Facebook walls. Walls fill with messages from close friends, acquaintances, and that one girl from primary school you can’t remember. 30-year-olds are in the Facebook sweet spot between the older generations using email and the younger on Snapchat. Facebook is the 30-year-olds medium of choice. ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ should be changed to ‘Happy Facebook Notification Day’.

30th birthdays can be the last wild hurrah before family life and responsibilities take over. Making the most of it is your mission, whether it’s your birthday or a loved ones. Hell, even an enemy deserves a fun 30th. Be silly, spontaneous and wild. We have a range of fun 30th birthday present ideas so you can get the best gift at a great price, delivered super fast from our warehouse in Melbourne.

In this frantic day and age time really does zip by, blink and your 30. It feels like just yesterday that you were 18. Whilst many people dread turning 30, it really is time to celebrate. Turning 30 is a momentous occasion, most people are starting to settle down, have an established career, looking to buy a house and maybe even get married. The 30th marks a departure from the partying days of the raging 20s and into a more subdued period. However, we are certainly not condoning eradicating all fun. On the contrary, the fun is just beginning. If you’ve got a friend or relative turning 30, then it’s your duty to prove to them that it’s the start of the rest of their lives. And the best way to do that is with an awesome gift from Yellow Octopus. 

The American city of Boston is celebrating the 30th birthday of the iconic movie ‘Ferris Bueller's Day Off’ with a 3 day festival. The movie was about making the most of every day, which Ferris did by skipping school to have fun. Now the city of Boston will be skipping work to party it up. Life is imitating art.

30th birthdays are worth celebrating. It’s often a time when life can be getting serious. Monstrous mortgages may loom overhead and the responsibility of parenting is a reality for many 30-year-olds. All that responsibility can be like an accountant's funeral; far too serious.

In “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” he ‘borrows’ a Ferrari and takes his girlfriend and best mate on an adventure. What a legend. Now, I’m not suggesting you ‘borrow’ a luxury car, but rather take inspiration and make the most of any 30th birthdays you, your friends or family have coming up. You could take your own car, or an Uber and travel to lunch, to the beach, and to a theme park, snapping silly pictures as you go. Make Ferris Bueller proud.

Movies are a great reminder and inspiration to enjoy life at 30. Scarface teaches you to enjoy what you have as it doesn’t always last, The Notebook implores you to cherish those you love, and E.T. shows that if you’re from another planet you have to eventually return home.

Take inspiration from Ferris Bueller and the city of Boston and take some time to celebrate 30th birthdays. “Live a little!” as Ferris says. Eat cake, drink wine, laugh with friends and buy fun 30th birthday gifts.

We trust that you’ve mastered eating, drinking and laughing. However, gift giving always remains a challenge. Don’t worry. We have you covered so you can focus on having fun. We’ve done the heavy lifting, now it’s time for you to reap the benefits.

You may have heard the quote “Presence strengthens love.” It’s said to mean engaging with those you care about strengthens your unique and special bond. This is a mistake. The quote was actually “Presents strengthen love.” It was misheard. A silly mistake. The quote actually means that buying gifts reinforces relationships. We’re here to strengthen love with a huge range of 30th birthday present ideas.

After a wild 40 year polar bear doing the moonwalk at a hot and trendy nightclub; no longer cool.

Let’s check out some 30th birthday present ideas to get you started on a more grown up path:

- Sausage Dog Dachshund Bookends. Impress houseguests by showing off your literary collection. There is no need to read them, owning books is impressive enough. This is an absolute killer when kicking off the might search for 30th birthday gift ideas

- Golf Ball Finder Glasses. Adam Scott finds his ball easily by hitting it in the middle of the fairway, but this option isn’t reliable for most casual golfers. Playing the gentleman's game is a pleasure when you have glasses to easily find you ball.

- Karlsson Mr. White Numbers Wall Clock. Keep your appointments with this professional looking clock. If you know somebody who’s never on time, this may be the 30th birthday gift for them.

- Scrabble Fridge Magnets. A game where triple word scores are the holy grail. Btw, that last sentence was worth 78 points in tiles.

- Make Your Own Bacon Kit. The food of God. Now you can be a cooking God and make your own bacon.

- Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks. The ideal 30th birthday gift idea for the serious gentlemen to enjoy and reflect on his day.

- 1930s Retro Style Desk Telephone. For the hipster who wants to make a statement.

- Mooning Gnome Salt and Pepper Set. You should still have some cheekiness in your life at 30

We have many more 30th birthday present ideas available. You’re sure to find a present to match your friend, colleague, partner or family member.  

5 Important Things to consider when buying a gift for a 30 year old:

  • It's a strange transitional period where you are an adult, but you still harbour thoughts of being young. You don't consider yourself totally grown up, like someone who's 50 but also you're no baby. You'll need to tread this fine like if you're going to impress a 30 year old.

  • They may still live with their parents (high possibility, these days)

  • They're probably no longer raging party animals

  • If they don't live with their parents they probably live in a sharehouse and may want something to be enjoyed by all

  • Even though they are technically an adult, they are also a kid at heart 

No matter what the situation, or who you're buying for, if you are looking for a 30th birthday gift then look no further. With plenty of stuff for him and her across a broad range of personalities and interests.