<p>40th birthdays were once feared. 39 year olds would worry they would no longer be sporty or naughty once they turned forty. On 40th birthdays, people believed life would begin spiralling downwards like the luge, when life after 40 continues rising like the sun.That misplaced fear often sparked a mid-life crisis. Not anymore. People believe they will be going longer and stronger from their 40th birthday, in and out of the bedroom ;). Mid-life crisis? More like mid-life is priceless. Yellow Octopus has a wide choice of 40th birthday gift ideas, party and <a href="https://www.blog.yellowoctopus.com.au/happy-birthday-messages/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" title="Message Ideas">message ideas</a> to create a happy 40th birthday for all your friends and family. </p>

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th birthdays were once feared. 39 year olds would worry they would no longer be sporty or naughty once they turned forty. On 40th birthdays, people believed life would begin spiralling downwards like the luge, when life after 40 continues rising like the sun.Tha... Read More

40th birthdays were once feared. 39 year olds would worry they would no longer be sporty or naughty once they... Read More

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Turning 40 means different things to men and women. Men think, wow, I can’t believe I made it to 40. Women think, wow, I can’t believe he made it to 40.

But seriously, men and women are both going to want different 40th birthday gifts, except for the book ‘Sex After 40’ which is a great 40th birthday gift idea for both genders. 40th birthday gift ideas for men range from a ‘Custom BBQ Branding Iron’ to a ‘10-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Card’, while 40th birthday present ideas for women range from ‘Scented Flameless Wax Candles’ to ‘Love Coupons IOU’. Here at Yellow Octopus we have hundreds of 40th birthday gift ideas to celebrate life at 40 and beyond.

Having a range of presents to choose from is important. Why? After receiving birthday presents for 40 years it’s hard to impress and excite them. Their expectations of gifts have risen. You could give a 4-year-old a banana and they’ll be happy, at 40 it is much harder.

It’s only natural that birthday presents are harder to buy for 40-year-olds. They have plenty of money, and can buy the things they really want. That leaves your 40th birthday gift ideas to be fun presents they may not have even considered.

Some of the most popular fun 40th birthday present ideas include ‘Sex After 40 Novelty Book’, ‘My Travel Scratch Map’, ‘Sandal socks’, and ‘A year of Sex! Card Game’.

40th birthday messages (to go with your gifts!)

Both the tech giant Apple, and Martin Scorsese's classic film ‘Taxi Driver’ are 40-years-old, showing you can still be great at 40. Benjamin Franklin said, “At 20 years of age the will reigns, at thirty the wit; and at 40 the judgement,” so we can trust the forties are a decisive decade.

40th birthdays messages in your card are an opportunity to remind your friends and family that mid-life is priceless and not a crisis. It’s also a time you can make jokes about being old because your friends and family at 40 are still young enough not to be offended. A joke about a broken hip isn’t so funny at 80.

Here’s some 40th birthday messages you can include in your card:

  1. “Life is like a book and from your 40th birthday it starts making sense.” - A 40th birthday message to make them grateful for their experience.

  2. “Your whole life has led to you turning 40.” - A 40th birthday message to put things in perspective.

  3. “You know you’re 40 when you stop using Facebook to socialise and start using it to spy on your kids.” - A funny 40th birthday reminder to live their own life.

  4. “Remember, don’t have kids over 40. 40 kids is enough.” - A 40th birthday message to make them giggle.

  5. “Let’s raise a toast to your 40th, here’s to prune juice!” - A 40th birthday message to laugh at the idea of growing older.

40th birthday party ideas

40th birthdays are a time to celebrate. But how will you party? Will you cut loose with all of your friends or have an intimate dinner with those you care about most? There are many 40th birthday parties to choose from, so Yellow Octopus has outlined why they might be the party for you.

Here a range of 40th birthday party ideas you can choose from:

  • Naughty forty. A 40th birthday party idea that starts edgy and can end at outrageous. It’s a fun reminder that life starts at 40. Perhaps leave your uptight Aunt Helga at home. The ‘A Year of Sex’ card game would be a fun 40th birthday gift idea for this party idea.
  • Sporty forty. A party for the consummate sportsman. You can even theme it if they are mad cricket or football fans, or ask guests to dress up as their favourite sportsman or sportswoman.
  • Surprise party. It’s risky to throw surprise parties for 97-year-olds, so do it for a 40-year-old. Surprise parties are exciting. Guests love getting involved to trick the birthday boy or girl, who are always thankful to see all their friends and family. Remember to keep it on the down low.
  • Year of birth party, e.g. 1976 party. Dress up and decorate as if it were the year they were born. The difference in fashion and technologies are hilarious. We have a range of 40th birthday party ideas like vintage telephones to create a great 1976 theme.
  • Wig out party. Provide different wigs for people to wear. This is a hilarious idea for any party. It gets people interacting and laughing, and different sides of people's personalities are brought out by their wig.
  • Surprise holiday. You can surprise your partner or whole family with a holiday away, whether it’s for a month, week or weekend. Spending time with those they love most may be exactly what they want.
  • Banquet at a favourite restaurant. Gathering your family and a few close friends for a dinner at their favourite restaurant is a great way to show them a Happy Birthday.
  • Home gathering. Home gatherings give you the chance to spend personal time together in a quiet environment, so you can share stories, catch up and noisily sing ‘Happy Birthday’, all in the privacy of your own home.

Which 40th birthday party idea suits your friend or family member best? Make sure you choose a 40th birthday present to compliment your party!