<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">We have the best 50th birthday presents for fun fifty-year-olds. Whether they’re a whiskey connoisseur, a BBQ god, a history buff, an art lover, a sporty Dad, or the family comedian—we have heaps of awesome gift ideas. There’s a P-51 Mustang Model Plane, the Desktop Finger Rugby Game, Dad Joke Face-Off Game, and much more. It makes sense that these 50th birthday presents are so fun. Nowadays, 50 isn’t what it used to be. Like Gene Simmons still performing in his full KISS costume, today’s 50-year-olds are holding on to their youth. </span></p>

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

We have the best 50th birthday presents for fun fifty-year-olds. Whether they’re a whiskey connoisseur, a BBQ god, a history buff, an art lover, a sporty Dad, or the family comedian—we have heaps of awesome gift ideas. There’s a P-5... Read More

We have the best 50th birthday presents for fun fifty-year-olds. Whether they... Read More

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Make sure you’re ready to celebrate with an awesome 50th birthday present. It’s important to celebrate this milestone because it highlights what an incredible five decades they’re experienced and what an interesting person they have become. That’s why as birthday and gift experts, we recommend selecting a present that reflects their unique personality. So whether they’re an explorer, executive, diva, dancer, are rugged, or refined—celebrate with the gift that’s right for them. What’s more, it’s waiting above. 

Your celebrations should show that 50th birthdays are an exciting time. Families go bonkers for a baby's 1st birthday, unconscionable amounts of alcohol are drunk to honour 21-year-olds, and our entire country takes a day off to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Sadly, 50ths aren’t celebrated with the same pizzazz.

Sensible celebrations and humdrum gifts honour our semi-centurions. Too often, 50th birthday presents are the same old socks, gift cards and repeats of last years gifts (sorry Mum). Like a strong coffee, a refreshing ocean swim, and Viagra, our 50th birthday ideas remind your loved ones they are still full of life at 50. 

Skiing, big wave surfing and skydiving exclusively used to be a young man's game. Increasingly semi-centurions continue to pursue these extreme sports. Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton is riding 50+ foot waves after his 50th birthday. Gnarly, dude.

It’s not only sports arenas where success endures. Many extraordinary careers began after 50. The 40th President of the U.S., Ronald Reagan, didn’t enter politics until after 50. Equally important, the king of chicken himself; Colonel Sanders, didn’t open KFC until after reaching his half ton. Donald Trump is a further example of what can be accomplished after 50. No, not his political, TV or business successes, marrying his trophy-wife Melania. While it’s the personality that truly matters, Melania remains gorgeous as she approaches 50. Luckily for Donald, beauty prevails after 50. Can you believe the sex symbols George Clooney and Halle Berry are at that age?

Turning 50 has been redefined. Yet, being youthful at 50 isn’t a sign of immaturity. As World Champion Boxer Muhammad Ali said, “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Your challenge is to find a 50th birthday present that balances the wise heads and young hearts of today's 50-year-olds.

When my Dad turned 50 he turned to me and said, “As you get older, three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two.” A classic Dad joke. He also reminded me that at 50 he was 213 dog years old and that deserved a big celebration.

Half century’s do deserve a big celebration. In cricket you raise your bat and get a standing ovation. On 50th birthdays, there’s no standing ovation. Not even a polite golf clap.

To celebrate, you want to make sure you buy amazing 50th birthday presents. There’s nothing worse than receiving a bad gift, so don’t give one. Bad 50th birthday presents to avoid include; jocks and socks, generic gift cards, or a photo of yourself (exceptions are made for lovers with an imagination).

Don’t fear. We’ve identified the best 50th birthday presents for you to choose from.

50th Birthday Present Ideas

To celebrate the special occasion, we have many fun 50th birthday ideas:

- Sex After 40 Book. Is there a better way to have more fun at 50? When you’re not having it you can read about it. It’s the ideal birthday gift for her if she’s looking to spice up her love life.

- Sandal Socks. Sandal Socks are a great gag gift. These days with 50-year-olds being so youthful they can be worn the same way hipsters wear bow ties; ironically.

- Pen Knife Multi-tool, Gentlemen’s Hardware. At 20 you think you can fix every little thing that breaks, but you usually damage it more. With 50 years of experience you actually can fix them. This Pen Knife Multi-tool will let 50-year-olds put their knowledge to use. It’s a useful birthday gift idea for him.

- Red Wine Stain Remover. It’s not that at 50 you spill more drinks than at 20, it’s that you have much more expensive carpet to look after.

- Nextime Vinyl Tap LP Records Clock. A reminder of the good old days. With a Vinyl Record Clock, you can have your own Happy Days and literally rock around the clock.

- Memory Loss Mints. They help find lost keys, remotes and grandchildren. Remembering to take them may be an issue.

These 50th birthday ideas are fun reminders that 50 isn’t as old as it used to be. Any 50-year-old will be glad to be reminded they’re still young at heart.