<p>The sixties are awesome - free love, hippies and Woodstock. Oh wait... that’s the 1960’s. You’re here to talk about <strong>60th birthday presents</strong>, right? Well, 60th birthdays are groovy too.</p>

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

The sixties are awesome - free love, hippies and Woodstock. Oh wait... that’s the 1960’s. You’re here to talk about 60th birthday presents, right? Well, 60th birthdays are groovy too.

The sixties are awesome - free love, hippies and Woodstock. Oh wait... that’s the 1960’s. You’re here to talk... Read More

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

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60th birthdays are awesome. You’ve collected 60 years of wisdom, you may get some grandkids, you can eat dinner at 4pm and your aching joints can predict the weather. 

It doesn’t make sense that people fear turning 60 does it? But it does make sense fearing receiving another conventional and boring birthday present. If you want to give them a happy 60th birthday they shouldn’t fear, you can choose from hundreds of fun and novel gifts from Yellow Octopus

There’s only one way to impress a 60 year old, and that’s with the element of surprise. Forget the boring stuff, they’ve seen more pens and watches than you’ve had hot dinners. Are they retired or thinking of retirement? Then travel might be on their mind. Why not get them something from our travel section. You’re never too old to enjoy gadgetry, check out all our cool gizmos and remote control stuff. Sixty means it’s time to kick the feet up, and our range of barware and glassware is perfect for that relaxing drink. There’s also plenty of wine related gear for those sommelier sixties. Sixty year old’s like tea (generally speaking) so why not get them a wacky mug? 

We often overestimate the change over a year, but underestimate the change over a decade. It’s easy to forget what you experience over 6 decades - let’s take a quick look at what people reaching their 60th birthday have experienced:

-       Man landing on the moon.

-       The invention of personal computers.

-       The inaugural 747 flight.

-       Australia hosting the Olympics.

-       The global population rising from 3 to 7 billion people.

As a child they never could have imagined the changes to humanity they would get to experience. From 60 they’re about to experience some new changes… this time with themselves - aging. 

The problems with aging

As you age you change. For a start there’s more hot drinks and less late nights. Your perspective hopefully changes too. If you’re still the same at 60 as you were at 30; you’ve wasted 30 years of your life. Here are some perspective changes experienced from 60th birthdays: 

-       When people call at 3pm they ask, ‘Did I wake you?’

-       The fibre content of cereal suddenly becomes interesting.

-       Your recliner has as many controls as your car.

-       You have stopped caring what other people think of you.

-       Buying green bananas is a risky investment.

-       The match has gone out before you can light all the candles on your 60th birthday cake.

-       You now feel silly remembering feeling old when you turned 40.

Another perspective changer is grandchildren. Seeing the world through a grandchild’s eyes is reinvigorating. Grandchildren are the best. They bring the fun, excitement and innocence of children - but without the responsibility.

Toys and novel products for kids are great 60th birthday presents for grandparents. They get so much joy from seeing their grandkids excited by a new toy. Plus they want them think of visiting granny and gramps as an exciting adventure.

Of course you can go the conventional route and by a 60th birthday present for them. Although by 60 they’ve received just about every gift imaginable. It’s hard to surprise them, or at least it was - Yellow Octopus to the rescue! We have hundreds of unique and fun gifts reignite their imagination. Everything from Camera Lens Coffee mugRocket Ship Salt and Pepper Grinders to Grampa Simpson’s Guide to Aging. Along with your 60th birthday gift you better include a naughty or nice 60th birthday wish.

60th birthday wishes

Always start out with the obligatory ‘Happy 60th Birthday’. You can then follow it up with something edgy to make them laugh:

-       You’re just an 18-year-old with 42 years experience.

-       Every wrinkle is a story, you should write a book!

-       Aren’t you glad you’re not 60 in dog years?

-       With all the advancements in medicine, you’re still considered young!

Just in case you hurt their feelings (even a teeny-tiny bit), it’s good to follow it up with something sweet:

-       You’ve aged like a wine so fine it’s only drunk by trillionaires.

-       Your personality is as vibrant as ever.

-       Congratulations on redefining what it means to turn 60.

-       As you look back, you can smile knowing you’ve earned love and respect from your family and friends.

Now you’re in their good books it is time to finish by signing your name. Congratulations, you’ve created an interesting 60th birthday wish.

Pablo Picasso said, “One starts to get young at the age of sixty and then it’s too late.” Make sure your loved one has an amazing time while they’re still young enough. What 60th birthday present do you buy? How do you your stand out and me memorable? How can you excite them? With a fun and novel gift of course. Yellow Octopus has hundreds of presents that will make a happy 60th birthday.