70th birthday present ideas are a big deal. They’re a special occasion for that special someone in your life, so you want to have some awesome 70th birthday present ideas for them. When you’re searching for 70th birthday present ideas, there’s no need to limit yourself to flowers or chocolates. 70th birthday present ideas should include the fun, the quirky, the novel and awesome gadgets. So this collection of 70th birthday gifts is filled with fun and quirky ideas.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

70th birthday present ideas are a big deal. They’re a special occasion for that special someone in your life, so you want to have some awesome 70th birthday present ideas for them. When you’re searching for 70th birthday present ideas, there’s no need to limit yourse... Read More
70th birthday present ideas are a big deal. They’re a special occasion for that special someone in your life, so... Read More

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

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70th Birthday Gifts & 70th Birthday Present Ideas

70th birthdays can be a snore-fest. Admit it. They often finish by 8.30pm & ‘drinking’ refers to tea. But there’s a way to turn the snore-fest into a laughter-fest. Gifts. Specifically, fun and unique 70th birthday gifts like our inflatable walking frame and the ‘Keep Calm You’re Only 70’ book. The right 70th birthday present ideas transform an austere 70th into a vivacious affair. But before we reveal the secrets to finding fun 70th birthday gifts, let’s explore other ways to add some sizzle to a seventieth.

The first of our 70th birthday ideas is designing 70th birthday invitations that set the tone for a special 70th birthday celebration. Your invitation can include witty sayings like “Seventy is only thirteen in Scrabble,” or “You’re not 70, you’re 18 with 52 years experience.” It will of course have the party’s details, but you can also help out your guests by including some of the 70th birthday present ideas. Who’s getting that? Do you want to go halves in their 70th birthday gift? It’s a sure-fire conversation starter that’s guaranteed to build excitement even before the big 70th birthday bash.

The second idea is to create a theme. Why? 70th birthday ideas go hand in hand with costumes and dress-ups. Guests can come as a famous person from the past 70 years. Then make the guest of honour guess who they’ve dressed as before they receive their 70th birthday gift. Other theme ideas include; the 50s, paying homage to their birthplace, space, silly, who you wanted to be when you grew up, and your favourite sports star - simply having a theme adds another dimension to your seventieth birthday bash.

If you want to get creative with your 70th birthday ideas, consider getting together with your family and friends and coming up with 70 words to describe the guest of honour. Or, if you want to provide a bit of perspective of what’s happened over 70 years, place the gifts for a 70th birthday behind photos of the major inventions of the past 70 years. Or include your favourite memories together on a card, in a poem or in a song.

Now let’s tackle the main consideration. 70th birthday gifts! When it’s 70th birthday present ideas for Dad it’s about thinking about what he enjoys. Golf perhaps? BBQing a feast? A good book? A bad tie? A vacation? A wine as old as him?

And what about Mum? 70th birthday gifts for her have to be as special as she is. Here you’re paying homage to someone who not only gave you life but shaped your life. The thinking cap gets a serious workout when you’re coming up with 70th birthday ideas for her. She’s worth it.

So let’s get down to specifics. 70th birthday gifts for her could include birthday gifts that allow her to enjoy her leisure time. A peacock teapot with a strawberry tea cosy would have her putting up her feet on the deck and watching her feathered friends feed from their new glass bird feeder. Or what about a 70th birthday gifts that took away one of her greatest frustrations - swap that pesky mobile phone with a retro phone from the 60’s.

70th birthday present ideas can be gifts for all seasons. Jigsaw puzzles are such a relaxing way to while away the time, and if she’s a movie buff, 100 movies to see before you die makes a terrific 70th birthday presents.

And of course having been a super-mum she’ll laugh at the little instruction book for grandparents. No doubt she’ll let you know she’s forgotten more about parenting than you know.

And just because they’re getting a little older doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of humour. 70th birthday gifts for dad will bring a huge belly laugh when you give him an inflatable zimmer frame. And amongst the super 70th birthday ideas for the grandkids to give him is an atomic nose and ear trimmer. No doubt they’ve been baffled by all the hair that sprouts from grandpa.

70th birthday ideas for dad could include a classy clock now he’s got time on his side, or a board game like wine smarts which combine the fun of a board game with his passion for wine. Or maybe 70th birthday gifts for dad would be a fun read like, “Older, Wiser, Sexier”.

So finally it’s down to the nitty gritty. The party itself. Perhaps amongst your 70th birthday ideas you’ve chosen a venue like a park or a restaurant, or perhaps you’re going to be giving your 70th birthday gifts at a party at home. If that’s the case, keep the mirth going. Rename the bar, the fountain of youth and the toilet the Tardis. What 70 year old wouldn’t like to spend some time in a time machine.

Decorations should feature amongst your 70th birthday ideas, and bringing the party room alive, with balloons, party lights and bunting. Atmosphere is everything at a party, especially when the guest of honour means so much to so many. And of course it’s going to be a surprise.Though making it too big a surprise might be one of your 70th birthday ideas that you temper a little.

And don’t forget the cake and toasts. Topping off all the wonderful 70th birthday gifts will be another of your 70th birthday ideas. The cake. Of course a giant cake made from the numbers 7 and 0 will bring on the cheers, the clapping and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. And hopefully, those 70 candles as a feature of your 70th birthday ideas won’t set off the smoke alarms. Of course with that many candles more than one breath is justified.

So now it’s up to you to bring all those wonderful 70th birthday ideas to fruition. Time to finalise those clever 70 birthday invitation ideas. Time to get hunting for all those wonderful 70th birthday gift ideas. Time to finalise the 70th birthday party ideas for Mum, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, your brother, sister or that special, close person who’s been a lifelong friend.