9th Anniversary Gifts

9th Anniversary Gifts

Pottery is a raw and aesthetic art form. You take the raw material of clay, mould it into the shape you want, and then fortify it in a kiln. Your attention and care creates something beautiful and strong, yet fragile if not protected. Pottery has become the tradition... Read More
Pottery is a raw and aesthetic art form. You take the raw material of clay, mould it into the shape you want, an... Read More

9th Anniversary Gifts

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9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Pottery Presents

Can you guess why pottery became the traditional present for ninth wedding anniversaries? Do you have a message for your card ready? Do you know all the traditions? If not, don’t worry. We’re going to explore them below. But first, why pottery presents?

Why Pottery Presents? The Symbolic Meaning Of Pottery 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
The art of pottery takes the raw material of clay, moulds it with care, and then fortifies it in a kiln. This is like your relationship. You start off as two individuals, mould a relationship together, and are strengthened by challenges in life. Pottery is a beautiful symbolism for a beautiful marriage. You create something beautiful together, and after 9 years the furnace of life has helped make it permanent. Of course, ceramics are sturdy but breakable. It’s an important reminder after 9 years to pay attention to your marriage.

More Traditions For A 9th Wedding Anniversary
> Flower: Bird of paradise.
> Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli.
> Traditional pottery presents: pots, plates, and other ceramic gifts.

9th Wedding Anniversary Messages For Your Partner
> Happy Anniversary, with all my love, to the strongest, kindest, funniest, best guy/ gal I know.
> Yours is still my favourite face.
> Congrats on rocking this marriage thing.

9th Wedding Anniversary Messages For Your Friends & Family
> Every day, continue to love each other more and more. Happy Anniversary!
> Skip the dress and tux, and enjoy some cake in the comfort of each other’s company. Happy Anniversary!
> Happy anniversary to the greatest people… with the garden we’re most jealous of!

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions with a rich history. Keep the tradition alive by gifting your spouse some pottery presents.

P.S. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary yourself—congratulations and best wishes from Yellow Octopus!