We have the best <strong>beauty products</strong> and quirkiest <strong>skin care</strong> products online. Because when everyone is wearing the same piece of jewellery or beauty product, nobody stands out. The world has too many bland and boring beauty items. That’s why we have beautiful AND unique jewellery and beauty products. These products are different. They’re unique, they’re fun, and they stand out. And the uniqueness and beauty shouldn’t end with your jewellery, it extends to all your beauty products.


We have the best beauty products and quirkiest skin care products online. Because when everyone is wearing the same piece of jewellery or beauty product, nobody stands out. The world has too many bland and boring beauty items. That’s... Read More
We have the best beauty products and quirkiest skin care products online. Beca... Read More


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The jewellery hanging on our jewellery display stands is beautiful. It’s fascinating. That’s why it draws attention when we wear it. They're more than ordinary beauty products. A glance, a smile, a nod of appreciation, these are all things both men and women do when someone is wearing a stunning piece of jewellery. We know jewellery is fascinating. Like fire, people just can’t help looking at it. No wonder we want a beautiful jewellery display stand and the best trinket box to keep our jewellery safe. But beyond the beauty of our jewellery, there are many fascinating curiosities and stories about our jewels. Would you think gold is made on earth or comes from space? Just how old is jewellery? Which rare metal would the total amount in the world fit in one room? Let’s find out...

Why Your Great Great Grandmothers Jewellery Isn’t Old
You may think that ring passed down from your great great grandmother is some seriously old jewellery. But not in comparison to the oldest known jewellery to mankind. Or perhaps we should say, Cro-Magnon-kind. That’s right, our Cro-Magnon ancestors wore simple necklaces and bracelets made from bone, teeth, berries and stones threaded on string or animal sinew. While it may not have been as nice as modern jewellery, and they didn’t have a beautiful trinket box, jewellery organiser, or jewellery display stands like we do, they started the world’s longest running fashion trend. In fact, the oldest jewellery ever found is a staggering 100,000 years old - some beads made from Nassarius shells. Now, if you think this ancient jewellery is pretty awesome, there’s a particular gem you’ll find amazing. You’ll want it stored carefully in your trinket box. This gem is made from fossilised tree resin, and is always at least a million years old. In fact, it can be as old as 120 million years. What is this gem? Amber. If you own any amber jewellery, you know it is seriously old and worthy of the fanciest trinket box.

Is It Jewelry Or Jewellery? Either Way, It’s A Plaything
Here in Australia we call it jewellery. Across the pond in Britain they call it jewellery. But in America, they call it jewelry. Yet it doesn’t matter how you say it, jewellery looks stunning in every idioma (and worthy of the finest jewellery display stands).
We always want to know where our jewellery comes from, but what about the word itself? Where did it come from? What is its origin? You know the word jewellery comes from jewel. Well, jewel comes from an old French word; jouel. In turn, jouel comes from the latin word jocale, which translates to ‘plaything’.

It’s Raining Gold
That gold ring sitting in your trinket box may be a little more incredible than you realise. You may know some cool gold facts, such as the largest gold nugget ever found was discovered in Australia and weighed over two hundred pounds. But do you know where gold originally came from? Before it was dug up from the ground? Not Africa, not a volcano, not the deep sea… gold comes from outer space. That’s right, all gold on earth arrived on earth as part of a meteorite. Although if you want to add some gold to your trinket box… just make sure you aren’t adding Pyrite - more commonly known as fool’s gold!

Everything Is Organic These Days, Even Jewellery?
Organic kale, organic coffee, organic cotton. If it exists, it seems you can buy an organic version of it in 2018. But surely there’s no such thing as organic jewellery… right? Well, actually, once you understand what organic jewellery is, the term won’t sound so strange. (And no, organic jewellery isn’t about being free of pesticides.) In terms of jewellery, organic means substances created by a living organism rather than created through geological processes. So while diamonds and gold are not organic, pearls, coral and amber, are organic. Now you know, you could separate your organic and non-organic jewellery on your jewellery display stands!

The Rarest Metal Of Them All
We’ve heard about the prestige of platinum. We know that ‘platinum’ recording artists are the best of the best. But, it’s hard to imagine just how rare platinum actually is. Platinum is so rare that all of the combined mined platinum in the world would fit in an average sized living room. So with a few thousand jewellery gift boxes or a few thousand jewellery display stands you could store literally all the platinum in the world.

Natures Reverse Trinket Box
We know trinket boxes are fantastic. They keep are jewellery protected in perfect condition. But in one rare case, it’s the jewellery that is keeping something protected and in perfect condition. Remember how Amber is millions of years old? Well, thanks to insects trapped inside amber stones, they have been kept in perfect condition for millions of years. Now paleontologists use them for reconstructing the primal phases of life on earth. When you have the best beauty products, you want to look after them.

Well there we have it. Jewellery is even more fascinating than we might have known. So next time you pull your favourite piece out of your trinket box, it’ll feel even more special. When you need cool and quirky beauty products, look no further than Yellow Octopus.