Botanical Leaf Decor

Botanical Leaf Decor

Plant-lovers rejoice: you're in the right place for on-trend gifts and gadgets boasting bright, botanical prints to add tropical charm to your living spaces. Your walls can be covered in Banana leaf prints and large wild-look Monstera leaf prints in sea green, grass ... Read More
Plant-lovers rejoice: you're in the right place for on-trend gifts and gadgets boasting bright, botanical prints... Read More

Botanical Leaf Decor

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Monstera & Botanical Leaf Design Decor Gifts

The monstera and botanical leaf design has become a massive decor trend. Designers, influencers, and social-media stars love it. And for good reason. But before we explore the rise of the monstera print design and how you can use it to transform your home decor, let’s first look at what it is and where it came from.

What Is A Monstera? Where Is It From?

Its full name is monstera deliciosa. Monstera refers to the huge size it can grow to (over 9m in some cases), and deliciosa refers to the edible fruit it grows. As you’ve probably guessed given the name, it’s from South America. While in Australia we typically refer to it as a Monstera, it has many other names. A few include; Swiss cheese plant, fruit salad tree, ceriman, Penglai banana, Mexican breadfruit, and windowleaf. But in design it is often referred to simply as a botanical leaf (although now you know better). As you may have inferred from the names, it is native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico.

The Rise Of The Monstera & Botanical Leaf Design Decor

Companies respected for their fashion sense have been incorporating the monstera decor into their stores and products. Victoria Secret stuck monstera sticker decals on their store windows, while Boohoo and Forever 21 use a monstera themed wallpaper in their stores. Monstera madness is so popular it even has a popular hashtag on Instagram: #MonsteraMonday. There’re over a million posts on Instagram of the monstera. It is also hugely popular amongst Pinterest users. Some say up to a quarter of interior design content currently features the monstera.

While the monstera has risen to a new level of popularity recently, it has been used for decades among the most sophisticated designers. However, in past designs, the monstera was a subtle feature in the background of a decor. Now, it has become a feature. The centrepiece.

Its deep green colour and prominent jungle growth are said to have contributed to its popularity, no doubt in part because the design looks so fantastic on social-media posts.

Incorporating The Botanical Leaf Into Your Home Decor

If top designers are incorporating the monstera botanical leaf design into their interior decor style, why shouldn’t you? We have a number of botanical leaf designs that will add some colour and style into both your home and Instagram pics. We have stunning monstera wall art, monstera prints, and monstera placemats. You can make your home look like the southern Mexico jungle in no time. But you can take it a step further. You don’t have to keep this awesome monstera design in your home. We have some portable speakers that sport the design, and even a cocktail kit. But as you social-media savvy people will realise, there is a similarity between the monstera speakers, cocktails, and the monstera wall art and prints. That’s right, they all are awesome to feature in your Pinterest and Instagram pics. They’re sure to add more hearts to any photo.

Now you know all about monstera decor and design, the only question left is, how will you incorporate it into your home style?