<p>What better party trick than a novelty bottle opener? It doesn’t only break the ice, it cracks open a cold one. Clearly, the best bottle opener is the one that opens the bottle and gets a laugh. So forget the stock-standard bottle openers and pick one of these novelty bottle openers. It’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next party.</p>

Bottle Openers

What better party trick than a novelty bottle opener? It doesn’t only break the ice, it cracks open a cold one. Clearly, the best bottle opener is the one that opens the bottle and gets a laugh. So forget the stock-standard bottle openers and pick one of these nov... Read More

What better party trick than a novelty bottle opener? It doesn’t only break the ice, it cracks open a cold on... Read More

Bottle Openers

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 Novelty Bottle Opener

The Best Funny Bottle Openers & Novelty Bottle Openers

A novelty bottle opener is more than a tool to open your beer. Like your keychain, it’s an expression of your personality. So what do you want your bottle opener to say about you? Are you a Batman fan? A jokester? A sports fan? An animal lover? An epic bottle opener is a way to break the ice, spark a conversation, or get a laugh at a party. When you pull out a hilarious bottle opener, you get a great reaction. So whether you’re looking for a funny or novelty bottle opener that represents your personality, or as a gift; you’re sure to find the bottle opener you’re looking for.

The bottle opener keyring is a must have for the modern man or woman. You don’t ever want to be caught at a BBQ, party or get together with the bottle top stuck on. But never fear, with the bottle opener keyring, you’ll never be caught thirsty again. But the brilliance of these bottle opener keyring isn’t their practicality, it’s their hilarity. They’ll get a laugh whether you’re at the family brunch or cracking some beers with the boys. And if you ever lose your keys, the moment you find them you’ll be ready to crack open a cold one in celebration. 

A funny bottle opener is a must have for Aussie guys and gals. We’re a bunch of larikans down under, especially when we’re having a few drinks. So those moments we’re laughing with our mates, we should have a funny bottle opener to top-off our hilarious jokes. And even if the jokes or beer falls flat, your funny bottle opener will be there to get a laugh. 

Yellow Octopus only stock the coolest and quirkiest products. Our novelty bottle opener collection is no different—you’ll find a range of wacky and hilarious openers. So first grab one of these openers and then go grab yourself a cold one. 

How’s this for openers... bottle openers that is: Did you know, William Painter, an American mechanical engineer, invented the bottle opener and bottle cap in 1894? His bottle top openers and bottle cap were so successful they built a Fortune 500 company. He went from bottle openers to big business. While bottle openers transformed the mechanical engineer's life, we must ask ourselves where we would be without the bottle cap and bottle opener. Would we be only using cans like in the dark ages? And imagine where we’d be if the bottle opener hadn’t been invented along with the bottle cap. As much as your drunk friend may insist, their teeth were not designed to be bottle openers.

We often take the humble bottle openers for granted. They’re there at all the important moments: weddings, birthdays, graduations. But we never think twice about them. Yet, despite the anonymity of the humble bottle openers, they’re more interesting than you would imagine. Here’re sixteen facts about bottle openers and bottle caps that will surprise you:

1. The wall mounted bottle opener was invented in 1925. It was a revelation because now bottles could be opened with one hand.
2. Big beer manufacturers, such as Miller, gave bottle openers away for free to promote their bottled beer. Smart move.
3. Before bottle caps, beer could often be germ filled and flat.
4. Beverage consumption rose dramatically in the early 1900s, due to hygienically capped bottles and nearly all beverage companies adopted Painter’s Crown Cork Crimp style bottle top.
5. Early bottle openers were made of brass, cast-iron or steel.
6. Originally bottle openers came shaped like animals, figurines, boots, hats, mermaids, fish, anchors, bottles and even landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.
7. Bottle openers were often cast to commemorate a special event, like a Presidential inauguration or a royal wedding.
8. Early bottle openers had a similar appearance to church keys and hence their name, church key openers.
9. Advertisers saw the potential for publicising their brand on bottle openers from the very beginning.
10. The wall mounted bottle opener invented in 1925 came with a cap catcher. No mess here.
11. Multi-task bottle openers can have a host of other attachments. It’s nothing to find a bottle opener with a knife, screwdriver, scissors and a host of other useful tools.
12. The biggest multi-task tool, including a bottle opener, has 87 attachments.
13. Keychain bottle openers were popularised in the 70s. They were small, portable and efficient. And meant that a beer was only a flick of the wrist away.
14. Bar-staff favour the Speed Blade bottle opener. Not only is it quick, a large hole at the other end is used for hauling frosty bottles from ice buckets.
15. Bottle caps originally had 24 ridges. They now have 21. If you’ve got time on your hands go ahead and count.
16. The world’s largest collection of bottle openers has 32,411 bottle openers.

Of course, bottle openers have evolved. Novelty bottle openers can demonstrate your allegiance to the superhero of your choice. Batman, Superman, Captain America and Star Wars all adorn bottle openers. Bottle openers are no longer only about practicality, they’re about personality. And the more fun your bottle opener, the more epic your party will be.

So why not personalise your bottle opener and let it speak volumes about you? What’s more, we all know beers are a popular gift. But we also know, only gifting someone some beers is boring. Yet the right bottle opener will transform boring beers into a fun and memorable gift.