Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Stoppers

A lovely drop lives until the last drop, but only if you’ve used a bottle stopper. Why? Put simply— oxidation. If you leave your champagne or wine bottle open, the alcohol will oxidise and turn to vinegar. You’ll literally get wine vinegar. But simply by using a bott... Read More
A lovely drop lives until the last drop, but only if you’ve used a bottle stopper. Why? Put simply— oxidation. I... Read More

Bottle Stoppers

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Bottle Stoppers & Champagne Stoppers: A Corker Of A Gift

It’s a special occasion and you’ve brought out the big gun - Barossa Shiraz. You might enjoy half a bottle, but it would be a crying shame for the other half to go to waste. We’re in luck. Did you know, with the right bottle stopper a red will be fine for up to five days stored sensibly in a cool place out of direct light?

What About Champagne?
Champagnes a little trickier, but you’d expect that from a “wine” that’s up itself. A champagne stopper will get you 3 to 5 days if you put the bottle stopper in as soon as possible and bung it straight into the fridge.

What About Beers?
Beers about the same. Whack in a bottle stopper and straight back into the fridge. If the bottle stopper seal is tight, it should last three days.

Never Take Yourself Too Seriously
Whilst a bottle stopper has a very practical purpose, there’s no reason it can’t have a very funny side. For example, our Happy Man Bottle Stopper will sit proudly ‘erect’ on your wine rack awaiting a call-up. This, little guy… I mean big guy, will bring out howls of laughter. It’s one of those bottle stoppers Australia that makes a for a cackle as a hen’s party pressie or will make Gran blush fifty shades of crimson.

5 Bottle Stopper Facts That Will Stop You In Your Tracks
There’s more to the bottle stopper than meets the eye...
> 12 billion bottle stoppers are produced annually worldwide.
> Bottle stoppers were used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.
> Cork is used in wine bottles because its light, elastic and cannot be breached by liquids and gases.
> Stoppers do affect the way a wine can taste, as well as the producers cost, environmental footprint and price.
> 77% of red wine lovers prefer cork whilst 52% of white wine drinkers like screw caps.

Bottle stoppers are the gift guaranteed not to fall flat. Bottle stoppers Australia make a very practical gift. Especially since us Aussies don’t like to waste a drop. So put bottle stoppers on your list of gifts to buy and tailor them to taste. Bottle stoppers for the beer baron, wine stoppers for the chardy chuggers and champagne stoppers for classy cats.