Before you tie the knot it's time for one last stand with the mates. A raging party with your closest pals. Be prepared for the big day with some unreal novelty and drinking products from Yellow Octopus. <br><br><strong>Top 10 Buck's Party Ideas:</strong><br>
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Buck's Party

Before you tie the knot it's time for one last stand with the mates. A raging party with your closest pals. Be prepared for the big day with some unreal novelty and drinking products from Yellow Octopus. 

Top 10 Buck's Party Ideas:
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Before you tie the knot it's time for one last stand with the mates. A raging party with your closest pals. Be p... Read More

Buck's Party

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Unique Bucks Party Ideas, Costume & Games For A Great Bucks Night

You only get one bucks night. Do it right. If you’re organising your best mates bucks night and are charged with ensuring it’s full of unique bucks party games and the best bucks party ideas, don’t take it lightly. A great bucks night takes some serious organising, not to mention it’s up to you to set the standard for bucks party costume ideas.

Firstly, get the bucks night message out there. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Let the boys know he’s taking the plunge and a bucks party to top all bucks parties is your top priority.

Now the wedding day may be the most important day of her life, but for him it’s gotta be the bucks night. Well, that’s how you and the gang of desperados he calls his best mates see it.

The best way to ensure the bucks night is planned meticulously, is don’t underestimate the bucks party planning stage. The bucks party will have all the hallmarks of a military campaign because it will be that well organised.

So, call an extraordinary general meeting of the bucks party committee at your local, for a mid-week pow-wow (piss-up). Essentially, that means it’s compulsory for everyone coming to the bucks party. Like the bucks night, the more the merrier. And this is where the best bucks nights ideas, the bucks party games, the bucks party costume ideas and the bucks party challenge ideas flow, like the beers.

Okay, if you live in the sporting capital of the world, bucks party ideas for Melbourne can revolve around Melbourne’s sporting calendar. At Spring Carnival time then the bucks party costume ideas and bucks party dress up ideas need to be fresher than a gee-gee coming off a spell. Don the garish suits or the silks of the little men, perhaps ride hobby horses, or truly make your presence felt with the bucks party costume that’s a tribute to the real stars - the nags. There’s always a bloke in the mix who’ll make the perfect horse's’ arse. And a big plus of the bucks party at the races is there’s always plenty of fillies.

Or, what about the bucks party in Melbourne on the holiest of days, Boxing Day. A mass of Richie Benaud’s, a troupe of trumpeters, or Balmy Army look-alikes are all top bucks party dress-up ideas for the G.

Another great bucks party ideas for Melbourne includes ring side seats at the jelly wrestling, making sure the buck ends his bucks night having to explain how jelly got in there. Or a private cruise down the Yarra would make a top bucks party idea for Melbourne. Cigars and cognac combine to make this a bucks night to remember.

Bucks party ideas for Sydney can include bucks party challenge ideas. Why not assemble all the bucks at the Bridge to do the climb before hitting the Rocks for a beer? Or another bucks party idea for Sydney could be a hot lap at Bathurst or just bucks party mayhem at the local go-kart centre.

And given Sydney always has great weather you could be confident organising an outdoor bucks party. Hire a cruiser for a spot of fishing or find a remote camping spot where a wild bucks night will bother no one. A shooting range or paintball are winning bucks party ideas with all the guys vying to be the bucks party hot shot.

Still no matter the venue for the bucks party, the bucks night fun will really flow when you hit the bars, the clubs, the wineries or sit around the fire to toast the star of the bucks night.

That's when the bucks party games and the ideas for the bucks party, that you brainstormed at the pub, begin.

The bouncer arm wrestle is often the first idea for bucks party games. This involves the real men of the bucks party challenging the biggest set of guns in the bar. Unique bucks party ideas involve chatting up women and persuading them to hand over their make-up. It makes for a memorable bucks party night to parade the buck in lipstick and mascara. Another bucks party challenge idea is to hand out toy soldiers at the beginning of the bucks night. On the whistle all the bucks party have to strike the pose of their soldier.

Ideas for bucks party games may include banned words. Being a bucks party, wedding, wife, responsibility and marriage have to be words off limits. No guessing for what the bucks party punishment is. And at the end of the night a permanent marker is a bucks party games ideas that will help the buck remember who was there.

Bucks party challenge ideas will definitely involve drinking games. Edward Beerhands involves the star of the bucks night having bottles of beer taped to both his hands constantly to ensure he doesn’t get thirsty.

Other bucks party games that involve a sip include Thumbs and Power Hour. In Thumbs, the designated thumb at the bucks night puts his thumb on the table. All the others at the bucks party follow suit when they notice. Last thumb down has to empty his glass. Power hour at the bucks night involves a drink on the hour every hour or sooner.

Unique bucks party ideas include putting a series of questions to the bride to be, to be used on the bucks night. The buck has to demonstrate how well he knows his blushing bride. Any incorrect answer results in a drink. It may have been your bucks night questions that caused her to blush but no doubt she’ll be a good sport.

So essentially, there you have it. Dozens of unique bucks party ideas to ensure a bucks night of wild fun. Ideas that may cost, or cheap bucks party ideas that won't break the bank. Irrespective, if you follow through on these bucks party games, the best bucks party ideas and toss in a bit of madness with bucks party dress up and bucks party costume ideas you’ll make the night legendary. And so, importantly, you’ll have discharged your first duty as the best man.

Finally, even though the bucks night symbolises his last night of freedom, ensure you return him in good working order. And although the boys at the bucks party will have been telling him they “love him” all night there is one other who hopes your unique bucks party ideas don’t go too far.