Bunny Soft Toys

Bunny Soft Toys

Bunny soft toys are awesome comfort. Young toddlers love the tactile softness, comfort and assurance provided by soft toys. The only sensation superior is a cuddle from Mum. But Mum’s have a million and one things to do, so the perfect substitute is needed. And that’... Read More
Bunny soft toys are awesome comfort. Young toddlers love the tactile softness, comfort and assurance provided by... Read More

Bunny Soft Toys

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Bunny Soft Toys: Comfort & Cuddles

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. That’s the perfect summary of the relationship we had with our favourite soft toy. We can all recall those special friends who kept us company through our childhood.

Soft Toy Quotes To Trigger Memories and Smiles
Here’s a few quotes that you’ll remember or have lived. Either way, they’ll bring a heartfelt smile.
> A bedroom without bunny soft toys is like a face without a smile.
> You know you’re a Mum when you know the name of all their soft toys and call them all by name. All the time.
> A bunny soft toy and a smile from Mum. Perfect.
> “If I have to have a nap so does Mr Bunny!”
> Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t for one minute underestimate the devastation caused by a misplaced soft toy.
> “Hey Mum, Stop! Stop! You haven’t strapped in Buggsy.”
> Real friends are wonderful companions for kids but so are soft toys and imaginary ones.
> Kids are never lonely when they have teddy for company.
> No angel could be more beautiful than your baby sound asleep, bashful bunny in arms.
> The only thing softer than a smudge bunny, is a Mother’s heart.
> The tea party can’t start until all the toys have arrived.
> You can accidentally step on a bashful bunny, but don’t you dare hurt its feelings.

Interesting Things About The Humble Soft Toy
The humble soft toy is so bashful it won’t tell you much about it’s past. So we’ll fill you in on a few fascinating facts.
> Soft toys go by many names. Plush toys, stuffed animals, plushies, stuffies or snuggles.
> The Teddy Bear was named after American president, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. On a hunting trip, he spared the life of a bear, and the event was immortalised in a cartoon. A shop owner, Morris Michtom, saw the cartoon, made a plush version and named it Teddy.
> A German woman, Margarete Steiff, is credited with introducing the world to soft toys. Originally she made them as pin cushions but seeing how much children loved them, began producing a variety of soft toy animals, including cats, dogs, pigs and elephants.
> Soft toys really took off in the 1980s as toy companies added fictional characters from T.V shows like Sesame Street and movies.

> Whilst originally a toddlers gift, they’re now given as gifts for graduation, friendship or Valentine’s Day.

Of course, we all know, Mum’s irreplaceable. But bunny soft toys are the next best thing. So if you want to give a gift which will love, comfort and cuddle, then nothing beats a bashful bunny.