This is your last chance to get these quirky gifts. These clearance items will be gone soon. But even better than getting them before they’re gone, is getting them at a discount. Winning all round!


All clearance items are discounted, so you’re sur... Read More

This is your last chance to get these quirky gifts. These clearance items will be gone soon. But even better ... Read More


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Last Chance Clearance Quirky Gifts

These awesome clearance items won’t be here so long. So if you want one of the clearance quirky gifts you better act fast. From 5 year olds to 105 year olds, there’re clearance items for everyone. No matter what you need to find a gift for, you’re sure to find something fun and quirky amongst these quirky gifts.

These clearance products come from every category we have at Yellow Octopus. So they’re an assorted bunch of items you won’t find anywhere else. There are neon lights next to Terminator disguises and banana salt and pepper shakers next to an inflatable flamingo. It really is a quirky mix of gifts and gadgets.

If you love any of these clearance items you better considering buying more than one. When serious runners have a favourite shoe from Nike or Adidas, they often buy multiple pairs because they know that Nike and Adidas will stop producing them soon. In this case, you know these clearance items won’t be here much longer so if you want more than one, you better buy them now.

It’s well known that things become more valuable once they stop being produced. We’ve all seen the ticket prices skyrocket on a rock star’s final performance. In fact, it’s an obvious reason the renaissance paintings are so ridiculously expensive. Now, we’re not saying these clearance items are going to rise in value like a renaissance painting, but they will be harder to buy and more scarce. So if you want something unique, these clearance items are a good bet.

So which of these clearance items is your favourite? How many gifts did you spot amongst them? If you loved more than one of these clearance items you’re in luck, because you will be saving even more money with all these discount items!