<span style="font-weight: 400;">These <strong>educational toys</strong> are excellent learning aids. In fact, they’re so engaging that you don’t even realise how much you’re learning as you play. From science kits to electronics, there is an incredibly interesting and stimulating selection of educational toys. They’ll make you more curious, creative, and intelligent. </span>

Educational Toys

These educational toys are excellent learning aids. In fact, they’re so engaging that you don’t even realise how much you’re learning as you play. From science kits to electronics, there is an incredibly interesting an... Read More
These educational toys are excellent learning aids. In fact, th... Read More

Educational Toys

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Educational Toys

Engaging educational toys Australia 

Learning starts as you exit the womb. Immediately. From the moment you are born, you begin to learn from your surroundings and your parents. The most rapid learning occurs when you're young, which is why learning at home is just as important. 

Many behavioural traits are learned at home where personal development takes place under the watchful guise of parents. Educational toys can be the perfect conduit for child development—within the home. Some toys are there simply for fun, but others have a deeper importance. They are there to be the basis of learning as their tiny brains begin to grasp new concepts, challenge themselves and see what their body and mind is capable of. 

Learning doesn't have to be hard or laborious. It doesn't have to be all about reading textbooks and sitting exams. Learning can be fun, frivolous and engaging. Children have many different ways of learning. Each child is an individual. 

Experts have categorised the main learning styles into three main categories—auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. Researchers also say there is a fourth learning group, which we’ll discuss later. Now, let’s take a look at the best educational toys for each group. 

Awesome educational toys for visual learners 

This is the most common learning style among children and dominant in most Australian schools. As the name would suggest things are absorbed by watching and viewing. Kids who fall into this category will most likely doodle and take notes and will prefer to see a demonstration. Things such as puzzles and colouring books are great tools for visual learners to use. Three fantastic educational toys for visual learners:
- Virtual Reality VR Glasses for Smartphones
- Our World Kids World Map Floor Puzzle
- Night Sky Projection Kit | 4M

Excellent educational toys for auditory and language learners

Children who are predisposed to auditory learning take benefit from listening to others - their teachers, their parents, their friends - about how and why something works the way that it does. They also like to talk about their learning experience and express the concepts and ideas out loud. Here’s a quick selection of three helpful educational toys for language and auditory learners:
- Voice Changer Distorter: Disguise Your Voice
- Disney Frozen II Kano Coding Kit
- Question Time! Australian Politics Board Game 

Outstanding educational toys for kinaesthetic learners

These kids learn through doing. They don't just want to see or watch something get done, they actually want to do it! This means that educational toys are absolutely ideal. In fact, they are probably best suited to these learners than any of the others. Tactile learners often move around a lot, talk with their hands, and like to touch and hold things when learning about them. Kinaesthetic learners will thrive with these toys:
- Skyrail Suspension Marble Rollercoaster 5m
- Scientific Magic Kit - 20 Science Tricks
- Buoyant Forces - Make 4 Different Models! | Engino

Intriguing educational toys for analytical learners

Whilst there are only three reported learning styles, many child development experts believe there is loosely a fourth. The analytical learner likes to break things apart, loves to know how things work, asks a lot of questions, and is able to compute difficult maths problems at a young age. These children excel in strategic games such as Chess. Our range of science experiments will be perfect for these kids:
- Construct-A-Clock
- Kids DIY Weather Station Terrarium Kit
- Mensa Challenge Your IQ Quiz Cards

We have educational toys for every age

Furthermore, educational toys are also great for developing things such as motor skills, coordination, balance and hand-eye coordination. In the Yellow Octopus range, you will find great educational toys for children of all ages. From young preschoolers to Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Right up to teenagers.

Want to learn more about educational toys?

For more great information on child development and learning, check out Kidspot, Raising Children and School Family. And for the best educational toys—scroll up and select them from this awesome range from Yellow Octopus.