Need awesome engagement present ideas? You’re in the right place because we have the quirkiest engagement gifts. Forget the boring cash in an envelope or another casserole dish. These engagement present ideas are fun and memorable. The happy couple will remember your... Read More
Need awesome engagement present ideas? You’re in the right place because we have the quirkiest engagement gifts.... Read More


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Quirky Engagement Gifts

We’ve put together a list of quirky and awesome engagement gifts that will help yours stand out from the crowd.

Engagement Present Ideas Australia

When you have an engagement party coming up, and you have engagement gifts to buy, it can be tough to find the right present. You don’t want to buy something that someone else has bought, and you don’t want to buy something boring. That’s why our range of engagement present ideas Australia is so awesome. You can choose any gift idea from this page and you can guarantee it will be a fun and quirky engagement present idea.

8 Engagements Gifts With A Message For Your Card

When you’re buying an engagement present, you need a sweet message to go with your card. So instead of using a generic bland gift, here are some quirky engagement gifts and some quirky messages to go with them:

  1. A Mighty Wine Glass (that never tips over) - “Just like you two lovebirds these glasses are guaranteed never to fall over.”
  2. Furry Love Handcuffs - “The key to a happy marriage - Don’t lose the key.”
  3. Shapes and Numbers Sparklers - “Couldn’t outdo the sparkle of your new rock but they’re sparklers all the same.”
  4. Competitive Couples Quiz Game - “So you thought you knew everything about each other.”
  5. A classy bottle opener - “You two are perfect together. No way you could top each other”
  6. 100 Reasons To Panic About Getting Married Guide Book - “I can give you 101 reasons to panic about being single.”
  7. Chips and Dip Serving Bowl - “At times the chips will be down and there’ll be dips in the road. So try this and get used to it.”
  8. Metallic Glass Markers - “Here’s a quirky way to write a love note. Better than a message in a bottle.”


The Evolution Of The Diamond Ring

The diamond gift is perhaps the ultimate engagement gift. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it (unless you’re proposing of course). And since we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at the engagement ring. There’s a backstory to the ultimate engagement gift - the diamond ring. So here’s the evolution of the diamond engagement ring:

Diamonds haven’t always been the jewel of choice for engagement rings. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds were often considered more beautiful and valuable. Think the crown jewels. However in the late 19 century, massive diamond mines were discovered in Africa. Until then diamonds had been marketed as a scarce commodity. To maintain their investments and buoy diamond prices, a cartel, De Beers, managed to gain control over all facets of the diamond trade. This was successful until the Great Depression struck and diamond prices fell globally. And, diamonds that were used in engagement rings at this time were usually small and of lower quality. A bad combination. To counter this decline, a New York-based ad agency, N.W. Ayer, were enlisted to design a campaign to persuade young men that diamonds, and only diamonds, were synonymous with romance. Furthermore, his love, and personal and professional success was proportional to the size and quality of the diamond ring he purchased. Game on. Movie stars and celebrities were given diamonds and links were clearly drawn between diamonds and romance. Newspapers and magazines were flooded with images of stars draped in diamonds. And then came the clincher. Along with the diamond ring as the one and only true profession of love came a slogan that still resonates today - “Diamonds are forever”.

Whether you’re after engagement gifts for couples or quirky engagement present ideas, you’re sure to find an awesome idea right here.