We know there’s nothing more rewarding than growing things, from family to friendships, and even gardening. Making our outdoor space come alive with a beautiful garden is a rewarding experience. And garden ornaments are a great way to do just that. Along with our fav... Read More
We know there’s nothing more rewarding than growing things, from family to friendships, and even gardening. Maki... Read More


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Garden Ornaments That Make Great Gardening Gifts Australia

Garden ornaments, as gifts, can be given to the gardener or given to initiate a love of gardening, so let’s have a look at how garden ornaments as gifts can inspire.

Fun Gardening Gifts For Kids

Kids love to learn, they love to watch thing grow and they love to get their hands dirty. Garden ornaments as gifts allow for all those things and also teaches patience and the value of nurture. Or you can find them a fun watering can that will get them in the garden. While you’re out there in the garden they’ll be right there by your side. You can even give them a growers kit, so they can watch their very own plants grow. It’ll ensure you grow a common interest that encourages time being spent together.

Add Some Character To Your Backyard With Garden Gnomes

Gnomes are hard to beat as lovable garden ornaments in any garden. Even teenagers would get a laugh out of finding the perfect spot in your garden for The Gnominator or a Ninja Gnome.

What about giving hubby the hint with a Couch Potato Garden Gnome? Come on, get your hands dirty. One of the best sleeps you’ll ever have is after a fruitful day in the garden. Or for your sister, The Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome, two peas in a pod that are constant gardening reminders of how much you mean to each other.

Garden Ornaments Are Great For Housewarmings

Going to a housewarming? Give garden ornaments. Take a Large Swan Planter Pot or Hanging Planter Pots for Fences and Railings. Got a friend moving into a flat? Give them an Elephant Glossed Ceramic Planter Pot for the balcony. Or help them create their own Jurassic Park amidst the concrete with a T-Rex or a Brachiosaurus Planter Pot. Planters and garden ornaments are the easiest way to green up any space.

You Can Even Find Garden Ornaments For Your Kitchen

Or what about the perfect kitchen garden ornaments gift? Any master chef would appreciate a Micro Herbs Window Sill Planter Box, an Organic Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit, or a Kitchen Herbs Grow Kit. Just reach out and add your homegrown ingredients to that mouth-watering pasta.

Garden ornaments as gifts are for givers and receivers who understand that life’s greatest gains are from growing things. A family, friendships, self, and a garden.