Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

Find all the latest and greatest gifts for 10 year old boys for any occasion. Heaps of gifts no matter what they are into - games, puzzles, sports or comics.
Find all the latest and greatest gifts for 10 year old boys for any occasion. Heaps of gifts no matter what they... Read More

Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

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Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

The best way to choose the perfect gift for your ten year old son, nephew, cousin or friend’s child is to Do Your Research. Ask their parents and friends. Check out what kind of toys they already play with relentlessly. Have a look in their backyard. Check out their room. What do you see?

Are they obsessed with fantasy books full of dragons, goblins, faeries and other mystical creatures in make-believe lands? Perhaps a collectable figurine or a fantasy board game will do the trick. We have a huge selection of licensed figurines from such franchises as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings that a book worm will love.

They might be the tech kind, intrigued by computers, coding, and pulling things apart to see how they work. You may find they take apart broken household items to find out why they’re not working, and try to put them back together. If breaking, making and creating is your ten year old boy’s idea of a good time, then boy, do we have a selection of gifts that is sure to delight him!

We offer an impressive array of DIY kits for hands on kids, so your ten year old boy can build awesome, amazing creations like a DIY Room Alarm (to keep their pesky sisters out of their rooms), cool Detective Kits (to figure out who’s been touching their stuff!) and coding and robotics kits (to build things to terrify their friends and sibling with!).

If your ten year old boy is fascinated by aeronautics and flying contraptions, encouraging their exploration of the mechanics used in flying machines may inspire a career down this path. Drones are fun, easy to use and wonderfully interactive. No ten year old boy is going to frown when they receive the gift of a drone, and Yellow Octopus has a great range of remote-controlled drones, and even some motorised paper planes for some old school flying action with a modern twist.

These are just some of the wonderfully cool, unique and fantastically fun gifts and gadgets for ten year old boys we’ve got here at Yellow Octopus, Australia’s home of Gifts and Gadgets! We’re the experts in gifting, so if you need some assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our gifting experts who’ll be happy to help you find the perfect impressive gift!