Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Girls in their pre-teen years are looking for the cool stuff. Unless it's on trend, it's just not going to cut it. That's why we've searched high and low for the gifts for 11 year old girls that are just going to blow them away.
Girls in their pre-teen years are looking for the cool stuff. Unless it's on trend, it's just not going to cut i... Read More

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

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Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Are you looking for gifts for 11 year old girls? Whether she’s your daughter, your daughter’s friend, your niece, step daughter or god-daughter, the hunt to find something special you’ll know she’ll love can overwhelm and frustrate, but it doesn’t have to! When you come to Yellow Octopus, you know you’re going to see only the coolest gifts for 11 year old girls imaginable, for every kind of 11 year old girl. Whether they’re a gamer or a bookwork or outdoorsy or totally girly, you know you’re going to find an impressive, unique and on-trend gifts for your 10 year old girl.

Ou range of Sunnylife gifts is bold, bright and just a little bit quirky, taking inspiration from all the fun you can have outdoors in the summer sun. Our Sunnylife Kids Plush Flamingo Slippers are furry, comfy and eye-catchingly cute, transforming your feet into a pink Flamingo treat as you slip your toes into them. Your 11 year old girl will love wearing these on the colder nights. Especially in the winter months when summer can seem so far away, a pop of bright Flamingo pink is sure to brighten up her day.

Is your 11 year old girl mad about comics? If the cold months are upon you then this officially licensed DC Comics Justice League Wonder Woman Polar Fleece Blanket won’t only keep her warm, but it’ll look great, too! Cuddly soft material is printed with a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, holding her God Killer Sword, with her shield on her back. Practical and fashionable, this blanket will be ideal for your 11 year old girl to take in the car, travelling, to friend’s houses, camping, or to keep warm on the couch or in her bedroom as a bed throwover.

If she’s a diehard member of the Beehive (aka, a fan of Beyoncé) then she’ll be Crazy in Love with this Queen Bey We Slay Ceramic Mug. It features an illustration of the famous singer, actor and girlpower icon accompanied by the phrase “We Slay.” Practical and fashionable, she can use it for all her hot drinks, or as a pencil and pen holder on her desk!

There’s not a 11 year girl on the planet who doesn’t like and use lip balm, so giving her the tools and know-how is a gift she’s going to go crazy over! This Make Your Own Raspberry Natural Lip Balms Kit is as easy-as can be. She can make delicious-smelling lip balms for herself and her friends using all natural ingredients.

While it’s likely she’ll be keeping her bedroom door closed most of the time, when it’s open, she’ll need something to keep it open with – and there’s nothing better for the task than our quirky Ice Cream Splat Door Stopper! This cleverly designed stopper looks just like a dropped Ice Cream Cone, all melted and messy. She’ll love its uniqueness as well as its practicality, and it might encourage her to leave her door open and little more often!

These are just a little taste of what Yellow Octopus has in store for your 11 year old girl, so give our selection a browse, take advantage of our competitively-priced lightning-fast shipping, and rest assured in the very, very unlikely event her gift is not what she wanted, you can take advantage of our 100 Day No Quibbles Returns Policy!