Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

They're at prep already, that's crazy! As they embark on the next chapter of their life, watch them flourish into beautiful flowers. Show how much you love them with an
They're at prep already, that's crazy! As they embark on the next chapter of their life, watch them flourish int... Read More

Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

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Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

You’d be forgiven for mistaking your five year old girl from a fully grown adult in a child’s body. She’s so opinionated, so intelligent, and so sure of herself! She’s making decisions, and she’s wanting to do absolutely everything on her own… and then something happens that doesn’t fit her idea of the world and all of a sudden, she’s your baby again, cuddling up in your arms like her whole world is falling apart.

This is the magical thing about a five year old girl’s development: she’s half in toddler-hood and half in childhood; she’s still playing with dolls and toys and loves Barbies, but she also wants to do everything the adults are doing. She wants to stay up late, and watch what the adults are watching; she wants to choose her own outfits and try her mummy’s makeup. It can be a fun time for both parent and child, but also challenging. Finding the balance between allowing your five year old girl to assert her independence, and laying down the law to enforce the rules and dish out discipline can be enough of a trial to have you pulling your hair out!

The right gift for your five year old child can turn challenging times into learning opportunities. If tantrums are a tale told at bedtime, why not make going to sleep a magical experience with our Fairytale Princess Doona Cover Set? When your five year old girl slips under the covers, the doona and matching pillow make your little girl look like she’s wearing a fabulous princess’s gown and a crown!

To encourage your four year old girl to save, a fun piggy bank designed to make saving an enjoyable activity is a wise choice. We have some really cool designs, like our Sunnylife Ceramic Unicorn Money Bank which is a beautiful white unicorn’s head adorned with a glimmering metallic gold hor. For something more interactive, we have the Elli Elephant Rolling Coin Money Bank. How does he work? Well, you pop your coin on the tip of Elli’s trunk and watch your coin roll all the way down Elli’s trunk into Elli’s belly to be hidden away!

And for something truly cool, what about our Robotic Dog Coin Eating Money Box? The puppy is hungry fork your money, so put your coins into the puppy’s bowl and watch him gobble them up! He swallows them into his belly so no one else can find them.

Reading is an essential skill for five year olds to develop, so a fun book is a fab educational gift for a five year old girl. The Jellycat range of picture books take inspiration from the Jellycat range of adorable plush toys. Magical Unicorn Dreams is a book about a magical Jellycat Unicorn going on adventures, and I Know a Monkey is, you guessed it, a story about a Jellycat Monkey! The stories are easy to follow and fun for children to read with their parents.

These gifts are just a taste of the huge range of gifts for five year old girls we have in stock here at Yellow Octopus, the home of gifts and gadgets in Australia. If you’ve perused our huge range and still can’t find a gift that’s just right, feel free to get in touch so one of our gifting experts can assist you! We’re always her to help, because gifting is our business and making gifting easy and fun isj what we do best!